Yesterday, I was imagining the future – and what museums might hold to show our future generations how we live today. That brought me to wondering if history would be accurately described… and then things got silly. So I drew three “preserved” weapons of mass destruction (and added little bubble domes in Photoshop for effect). Imagine future generations looking back on these “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that we no longer use in the future… and gazing upon the HORRORS!!! Oh, and I also drew a few other things too 🙂 ENJOY!

Weapons of Mass Destruction - future museum pieces ;)

Deer in headlights
I drew this in about a minute and 48 seconds last night. I was thinking of the term “deer in headlights” and my pen just started scribbling. This is the result.
The bearded lady
I was trying to think of an icon for “the bearded lady” just in case any businesses were called “The bearded lady” and needed a logo.
Under the sea
I’ve been experimenting with silhouettes, and drew this one. I call it: Under the sea