I had a disturbing dream. They happen… Here’s the bits:

I was on vacation with my family (not altogether weird, as we recently came back from a week together in Aruba) and we were on our last day there. We had our things all packed up and knew when the bus was taking us to the airport, and were spending a few more minutes at the front of the resort enjoying the place. It wasn’t the same as Aruba – it was weird and different (as Dreams sometimes are). Instead of the resort ending up on the beach, it was built up on a huge wall to protect it from the water… we soon understood why.

Not how my dream looked

The sky had gone dark and a storm was rolling in. The waves were increasing and washing over the first and second tiers of the wall – where there had been people sitting at tables. People from the resort began *battening the hatches* to protect the lower levels of the resort. Rain was beginning to fall and we still stood outside – watching the storm unfold around us. The waves kept getting higher and higher, and the resort kept closing more and more doors and windows against the incoming water. We were standing on the top-most level. It was like looking at a painting I once saw:

The water rose and rose. Then – you know how weird things happen in dreams that seem perfectly normal?..  Well, a mini-van pulls up with some of my friends in it (who knew they were vacationing with us? And how did their mini-van get there?!) and offered us a ride. We declined (we being my brother Peter and I, and one of my bestest friends, Leila). We said no, as we’d like to travel to the airport together with the rest of the family. Just as they pulled away, waves began lapping over the top of the wall. I remember saying “The waves have reached all the way to us,” and looked at Pete and Leila.

All of a sudden, the waves began to recede, so we decided to walk down to the lowest level and assess the damage. We walked down a huge cement ramp at the bottom that led directly to the beach and the ocean. Then Leila looked up and said “Oh no… Guys?” As we looked up, we saw the HUGEST tsunami wave. It had to be at least 10 stories high, and it was headed straight for us. I remember in the dream imagining what would happen to me when it hit. I knew I had to hold on to something, but was afraid that the force of the water would rip my arms out. Peter and Leila found something to hold on to, and were yelling at me to grab on. I found a metal bar to wrap myself around (the wave was taking forever to crash down on us) and kept looking up and anticipating the moment when I’d take a deep breath and hold it.

With a force that felt like a thousand mack trucks hitting me, the wave crashed down…

And then I woke up.

It was so vivid. I remember the feeling of the raindrops on my skin, the smell of the salt-water in the air. My dream had so many details – textures, sights, sounds, tastes, smells. The brain is an amazing machine… It never ceases to amaze me how dreams are so much like movies that we are the players in. We experience everything as if it were first hand – not only the physical feelings and sensory input, but also the emotional stuff that comes along with it.  I often wonder if dreams are just our brain’s way of entertaining ourselves while we sleep. If so – why do we have such turbulent and disturbing nightmares sometimes?! Next week – I’ll share a childhood dream that haunts me to this day!