As promised in last week’s post, I bring you one of my childhood dreams. I believe that I have only had this dream once – but it was so vivid that I will likely remember it (and all the details) for the rest of my life! Keep in mind I was only about 6 or 7 when I had this dream.

I was in my family home (if you’re not familiar, we lived in a house in Niagara Falls – there were 6 of us in total: Mom, Dad, Peter, Julie, Chris, and me). Except I wasn’t me (but at the same time I was) – I was an ANT.

My family had been commissioned to punish criminals. How were they doing this in my dream? Boiling them in oil! IN THE KITCHEN! Criminal offenders were lined up on stools in the kitchen awaiting their fate. My family was busily working to make sure the oil was hot enough, and stirred properly in this huge trough on the kitchen floor. It was rather gruesome.  They would dunk someone in the boiling oil (I could hear their screams), they would wait until the screams stopped and lift the body out onto a giant piece of waxed paper and wrap them up (for disposal, I assume).

Where is ANT-Samantha? Well, this is the weird part (as if boiling criminals in oil in the family kitchen was not enough) Not only was I an ant, but I was the servant of a Lawyer who was in line to be boiled in oil. Apparently I had been this guy’s servant for a long time, and he was waiting for me to bring some papers that would exonerate him from the charges against him, saving him from the boiling oil! I arrived in the kitchen with an insect-arm full of papers and handed them to the Lawyer.

I watched my family boil a few more people in oil as he read them, making sure this was what he needed to get off the hook (and out of boiling in oil). It’s disturbing to watch people become covered in black slime, and watch it fill their eyes, mouth, nose – and smell their skin burning. What SIX YEAR OLD thinks of this stuff?!

The lawyer began to get very upset. He started yelling at me, and telling me that these were the wrong papers – and that there was no time now to get the correct ones. He was angry that he was going to die and it was all my fault. His face went all red and he continued yelling louder and louder, making a scene in the kitchen. I remember feeling incredibly bad that I had not gotten the right papers, and I remember feeling sad that now my boss was going to die.

The last thing I remember is his giant hand swooping down on me to crush me – as punishment for not saving him from the death penalty. I do believe he squished me in the dream – but I woke up…

I still remember all the details. I remember all the sights and sounds. I remember the screams from those being boiled in oil, the smell of the oil bubbling away, and the burning flesh. I even remember the sweat running down the Lawyer’s face, as he realized I had brought the wrong papers. I did not feel any pain when I was squished.

I don’t remember dreams as vivid as this one very often. I think I have a library of a dozen or so very vivid dreams that I can still recall in quite a bit of detail. Usually they dissipate into a fine mist of forgetting as soon as my eyes flutter open. This one stuck 😛