Recently I had the pleasure of being the passenger on a short trip north of my usual territory. It’s amazing how much more you see when you’re a passenger, and not concentrating on driving. Here are a few of the things I captured on my trip! Don’t forget to click the photos to see more detail 🙂

Pipes and walls
I caught this neat composition of pipes and walls at one stop. I liked the lines and colours I saw so I snapped a pic!
Laundry day
Saw this line of laundry hanging in the sun. I especially liked the line of Jockey underwear blowing in the wind!
Stationary tractor
Snagged a pic of this really neat older tractor. It looked like it hadn't moved in a while. I liked the colours and the lines in this one 🙂
tiny landscape
Caught this really neat Avatar-like closeup of some little sprouts and moss. Love these little guys in their tiny landscape!
crow silhouette
Managed to capture this guy sitting on a wire in front of the brilliant blue sky. He looked to the side for me at just the right moment.