This week’s installment of photos includes pictures from my phone AND my camera. Lately, I often only have my phone with me (that has a REALLY STELLAR 1.2MP camera on it :P) and can only capture low resolution representations of the amazing stuff I see every day. Luckily, a lot of them turn out really well, or end up looking even more interesting once I get them out of the camera! Enjoy!

faces in places
As humans, we constantly find faces in the everyday things we look at. This is just another example. One morening, I found my McDonald’s coffee cup staring curiously up at me 😉
hydro tower
I snapped a pic of a hydro tower (seen from below) and when playing with the image in photoshop, I got this cool rendering of the lines and interference…
At dinner on the patio one night, I saw this reflection in a pair of sunglasses on the table. You can’t see much detail (neither could I after a few beers) but I managed to catch the light reflected in the glasses.
abandoned motel sign
I caught sight of this abandoned motel sign on a walk with the dog.
toronto city skyline with moon
Another capture by my phone – I managed to snag detail of the moon up over the Toronto skyline
Pink Umbrellas at Sunset
I call this: Pink Umbrellas at Sunset