In a recent blog post, I noted that I was getting a new camera. Initially, I had thought about buying a Canon EOS family camera. I spent over 2 hours in Henry’s talking to a professional photographer and ended up getting the Samsung NX-11! It’s a mirrorless DSLR with all the functionality of a Canon or other top brand, but with a much sharper in-box lens! This allowed me to also add a telephoto lens to the package, and also lens covers, a memory card, a case, and extended warranty all for the SAME PRICE. I learned a lot about cameras in that 2 hours!

I’ve always wanted to personally test the quality difference between a point-and-shoot and an SLR camera, and now is my chance! I organized a shoot-out between my old camera, and the new one. The cool thing is that they are BOTH 14 megapixel cameras, so the comparison of lenses is quite fair!

Basically, I just set both cameras to auto, and set about taking photos of the same subject matter. Here are the results, side-by-side of the shoot out. It’s no surprise that the SLR won, but I was really surprised at the vast difference in quality. Not to mention that I’ve only experienced the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the Samsung NX is capable of with a little practice and learning!

Point and shoot Canon on the Left/Top. Samsung NX-11 SLR on the Right/Bottom. It’s not difficult to make a decision as to which camera I’d use for more professional looking shots, but my little point-and-shoot guy does a pretty good job 🙂

point and shoot/DSLR comparison
My first subject: Levi! You can see the difference right away. Aside from the fact that the SLR's exposure is a little low, you can see a difference right away. The depth of field is much larger in the SLR photo!
point and shoot/SLR comparison
Photo of a stained glass window - I wanted to compare how the light looked with the different cameras. The depth of field is larger in the SLR, but the point-and-shoot provides a sharper image (in general)
point-and-shoot/SLR comparison
Flowers outside work. The amount of detail captured by the SLR lens is astounding.. Not to mention the colours are more vibrant.
point-and-shoot/SLR comparison
Cool ple of rocks. Again, there's a heck of a lot more detail from the DSLR lens, as well as a larger depth of field. It seems like the point-and-shoot photos are a bit washed out in general.
point-and-shoot/SLR comparison
Photo of a sign and some weeds in a field. I wanted to test a landscape image with a large focal range. Again, colours are more vibrant, there is more detail, and larger depth of field in the SLR photo. Again, the point-and-shoot seems overexposed or washed out.
point-and-shoot/SLR comparison
Last but not least, a macro photo of some beads of water on grass. Not surprisingly, the SLR image is more vibrant and detailed.