Fall is here. I’ve been out to take a few photos here and there, and these are the best of my collection so far. I kind of feel like hibernating. Not just sleeping a lot more… really hibernating. Maybe I’ll have a day or two where I eat food for hours at a time. I’ll bulk up with fat, and then curl up in a few warm comforters and fall asleep for 5 months. I can wake up sometime in April when the thaw is finished, and spring is here again! But then I’d miss a whole bunch of blog posts. Dilemma! While I decided, here are the latest and greatest photos:

Rusty fall texture
I really liked the texture of the paint on this power box. The rusty colour showing through was reflecting the colour of the leaves all around.
My crazy dog
A photo of my crazy dog zoning in on some squirrels. He is the same colour as a lot of the leaves. This is the season he camouflages well!
Super sunset
I liked the silhouettes created on this beautiful sunset and snapped a pic
Untouched sunrise
I had to be up ridiculously early for work and managed to catch this fiery sunrise. This photo is untouched! Crazy colours!
This is a picture of my dog waiting for me to say "OK" so that he can jump and get the stick. I like how he is just out of focus 🙂