Well hello there! I’ve been instagramming again. I snap photos here and there and after a while I have a little collection of photos. It seems that using this app brings out a different beast in my creative side. Most of the instagram pics I snap seem to have a certain feel about them. Here are some more “gems!”  Warning: the last photo is a little racy… I left it to the end so that you’d have the choice to scroll that far or not 😉

Morning tulip
Photo of a tulip with morning dew on it. Pretty little guy.
I like that this picture ends up being about the texture of the road, and not the shadow…
I really liked the shape of the glass and the texture of the bubbles and the table…
weed garden
Weeds can be pretty sometimes…

WARNING: Scary Photo below!

flat mouse
Levi found this squashed mouse by the side of the road… Mouse pancake! Poor little thing.