ShowerThis morning in the shower I was thinking about something (as I usually do). Standing under the hot water and relaxing often brings me to some interesting revelations!

I was thinking about how I’m moving to a new place with the love of my life. Not only am I moving because I want to share a space with this fantastic girl, but I’m also moving because my landlord is a bit of a douche bag. Honestly, I don’t think he’s that bad as a person. As a landlord, the story was a little different. He would come into the apartment when I was gone to do laundry (without asking), was overly stringent on the rules of just how clean the driveway should be, not to mention that the laundry room (that is in MY SPACE!) was locked and I had to call him to open it when I wanted to do laundry. But overall, he’s not such a bad guy. He’s just doing what seems right for him.

Back in the shower, my thoughts wandered off to daydreams of natural disasters, zombie apocalypses, and other awful circumstances. I do that sometimes…

These two trains of thought suddenly came together. It made me realize something: If there was a natural disaster or some kind of fire or something of the sort, I’d no doubt do my best to help everyone around me. Not only that, but I realized that I’d definitely be more inclined to help someone I had at least met once, or knew by acquaintance. I’d be clambering to help friends and family. Conclusion: I feel more protective of my peeps.

Peeps: Anyone in my life for whom I have respect or love, from one-time acquaintances all the way up to my closest family and the love of my life.

This brought me to another realization. Despite Igor’s douche-baggery (from my perspective), by definition he is one of my peeps! If there was a horrible fire or a giant tsunami coming, I’d probably run harder to save Igor than I would for a perfect stranger, simply because he falls into this category for me. Maybe it’s because I have the sense of knowing him, or an ever-so-slightly stronger bond than I would with a nameless, faceless Joe on the street. By the same token, I’d probably run harder and faster to save someone I see regularly in the grocery store and nod to on occasion, too. It’s that sense of family and connected-ness, however slight, that drives this phenomenon for me.

Is it the same for everyone else? Or am I the only one who daydreams of zombie apocalypses and the aftermath while in the shower?