Recently, I was reading the Sleep Issue of Reader’s Digest. There were some interesting articles about insomnia, sleep, and lucid dreaming. Of course, everything that I read eventually permeates my brain, so I’ve been having some very vivid dreams lately. As with most people, I don’t always remember all the details – but I do remember some incredibly vivid tidbits! The mind is a wonderful thing.

Last night’s dream was an epic-long dream. Ever have those dreams that seem to last forever and ever? In this epic, I was at a convention center and there was a presentation about to start. The auditorium was full of hundreds of people all sitting in front of a large screen, waiting for the presentation to start. I was dressed in a skirt and a blouse for some reason. I think I might have been going to a different event in the building. I walked in just to have a look around, and was immediately ushered to the seating area by some smooth-talking sales people. Before I knew it, the presentation had started, and I had a pamphlet in my hand.

What were they selling? High-end Jacuzzi bathtubs. I watched the demo video telling of the benefits of the Jacuzzi bathtub. I listened to the speaker talk more about the therapeutic jets, water savings, and easy payment plan. For some reason it all seemed to make sense! After the presentation, a sales person came to each of us personally to further discuss the Jacuzzi tub, and answer any questions we might have. I talked to this guy for quite a while, asking questions about payments etc. The total cost was going to be about $3500 after installation. In dream-land, and within the marketing/sales bubble of this presentation it seemed like a good idea to me – so I signed up! $175 a month for 2 years and I’d be all paid up! (That’s some interest rate!) I had to wait for my sales guy to finalize the paperwork, so I decided to climb into one of the (empty) demo tubs and enjoy my newest purchase.

As I was lying there, I noticed that the tub was quite shallow – more shallow than a regular tub. There were no jets on the bottom, only on one side. All of a sudden this tub purchase seemed like a bad idea. I lay there for a while arguing with myself in my mind back and forth between just going ahead and buying it vs. telling them I had changed my mind. After all, I shouldn’t spend so much money on something that I don’t actually like, want, or need – right? Dreams are funny. So I sat there in my skirt and blouse in the empty tub with people walking by talking to sales reps, all of them staring at me. I felt all of this stress and pressure in the dream.

Finally, I decided to tell the sales guy that I had changed my mind. When he came back, he found me sitting in the tub and handed me my copy of the paperwork. “I’ve changed my mind,” I said to him. “But you love the tub! You’ve signed all the paperwork! And you’re on the best payment plan we have!” he replied, throwing out the stops so that he could keep this sale. “I can’t afford it,” I persisted, “Can you please find my receipt and cancel the transaction?” The sales rep protested for a bit, trying to tell me that it would be hard to find my receipt among all the other sales from the day. I gave him a look that told him I wasn’t swallowing that line, and eventually he trundled off to find my receipt.

There was more to the dream. More details. More sights. More sounds. More stress! It’s amazing just how detailed and life-like your mind can make the dream world! I woke up feeling a little off. The remnants of the dream-stress floated into my waking reality for a while before dissipating.

I dream often. And I often remember most of my dreams, the details, and feelings associated with them. I usually drag my emotional dream-state into reality, and it usually affects my day in one way or another. What about you? Do you remember your dreams? Do you drag bits and pieces of reality into the dream-world? Do you drag bits and pieces of your dream-world into your waking reality?