A portrait is meant to show our best side. We take photos at parties, weddings, birthdays, and other happy occasions. We choose the best ones and upload them to our facebook or to email to friends. We wear makeup, flattering clothes, do our hair, and strategically cover parts of us that we aren’t exactly happy with. Sometimes, we blur visual details in our own mind – not really even looking closely at the people around us. Once in a while, we realize we haven’t really seen the people we know and love in great detail – because we don’t actually look!

I’ve been experimenting with HDR photos (High Dynamic Range) that allow you to bring out vivid details in photographs. I did a post a while back featuring some images I took and converted to HDR. It occurred to me that the last thing most people would want to do would be to combine the detail of HDR with a self portrait and show all those details we so carefully cover up – so I dove in! I took several self-portraits of my face, hands, feet, and other parts – parts that some people might think are ugly. I brought out all the details as best as I could, to showcase the other side of self portraits. Below, I highlight my wrinkles, my pores, my blemishes, my chubby parts, my moles, my feet, my dirty fingernails…

HDR hand photo
A photo of my hand – wrinkles, hangnails, dirty fingernails, and all. I love details!!!

feet in HDR
Feet – you either love them or you hate them! I managed to get some sweet composition happening for this one. Detailed foot in the foreground (complete with bandaid) and it’s mate in the background – barely in view. You can even see a bit of my feet prints!
mole HDR
Everyone has a mole or a birth mark. Most people cover them op strategically. We often think of moles as blemishes to our otherwise perfect skin. I think they are neat!
face portrait HDR
Makeup, photoshop, and other techniques often hide our enlarged pores, blemishes, wrinkles, and other imperfections. HDR brings all of this to the surface! How cool are all the details in this self portrait?
HDR tummy roll
We all have that area we’re not exactly happy with. A little extra fat or skin here or there. A patch of cellulite? It’s part of me! Look at the amazing lines, shapes, and textures!