My latest train of thought has been on the track of self, personality, and how we become us. Essentially, we all think of ourselves as unique. And we are… As we grow, develop, and learn – we learn to move, to walk, to talk. We learn mannerisms from our parents and family. We learn to new words and more language. Everything we absorb and then output again through action is essentially regurgitated, whether it’s language, or the way we cough. We are, essentially, made up of everyone and everything we have looked at, listened to, touched, or spent time with. So, while we are each unique – because we all understand and interpret things differently – we are essentially a giant puzzle made up of pieces from the world and people around us. What makes us different is the way we regurgitate what we absorb.

Wow – that sounded altogether too much like a story about vomit…

On a sidenote – I saw a license plate on my morning drive. H4D 53X. When I first glanced at it, I read “HAD SEX” and on my drive to work it made me chuckle.

Happy Friday!