I’ve finally been getting my camera out a little more and practicing with it. The tripod I have is invaluable!!! I’m so glad I have one! I couldn’t imagine taking some of the photos I get without it. Here is the latest batch of HDR photos!

Shining sun
Snapped this awesome pic of a beautiful blue sky and shining, hot summer sun… I’m getting a tan just looking at it!
My first Bokeh
My first Bokeh – OK, so it is kind of mild, but I was so excited to catch any kind of bokeh at all!!! SO EXCITING!!!
balcony lantern
Grabbed a really great HDR snapshot of one of the lanterns on the balcony! I love the huge depth of field here! Blurry background and detailed lantern!
Angles from the balcony
Managed to snap this photo from the balcony. I just liked how it worked out with all the great lines and colours in the photo! HDR rules!