Most of us spend a lot of time alone in our heads. Sometimes we talk to ourselves. Sometimes it isn’t so much words in our head, as images, smells, sounds, and ideas swirling around. We run through checklists of things we need to remember. We rehash arguments or incidents in our head. Whether we’re in the shower, driving, waiting in the elevator, or running on the treadmill, we often have plenty of time to be thinking. But what are we thinking about?

For me, most of the time I’m thinking about things I have to do. Another good percentage of the time, I’m sitting in the pool of the past and thinking about things that have already gone by. It’s all well and good to make sure you’re on top of your lists, and it’s fantastic to reminisce… but what about enjoying what’s happening right now? Also, what about not worrying so much about repeating that list to myself 4 times, or trying to stick to good memories, rather than reliving the bad ones?

Altogether too often I find myself whirling around inside this habit. Once in a while, I remember to experience my food as I chew it; I actually feel the softness of the dog’s fur as I pet him; I stop thinking about something terrible that happened a few months ago and force myself into a happy memory. Sometimes I even remember to just let go altogether and play some music and just bop.

What do you do in your head? And have you ever thought about the thinking habits you’ve formed and which ones might need a tune up?