I’ve been at it again. That’s right, slacking 😉 Here are a pile of photos I’ve been hoarding for a while.

Summer Tea
Summer drinks on the balcony – lemon iced tea….
Celebrating anything by setting things on fire! I love sparklers!
Ants on cheese
Sometimes the neighbours throw things off their balconies onto the grass out back of our building. It makes it difficult when taking the dogs for a quick pee… especially when dodging ant-infested cheese!
Abandoned house
I liked the textures of this boarded up door in an abandoned house nearby…
tomatoes on the window sill
Squirrels like to eat my tomatoes, so I bring them in while they are still green to ripen on the window sill. I just love the colours!
rain storm
I was watching the rain one day and loved the interesting light patterns created on the pavement. Cool stuff!