Looking for a beautiful girl that will make your evening bright? You need to meet the Martini Girls! These vivacious ladies all have something special to offer, and they can drink you under the table! Take any of these ladies out for a night on the town and you are guaranteed to be satisfied. Just keep bringing their favourite drinks (listed below) and you will experience a night you will never forget*

*Unless you black out, in which case you’ll probably forget. Not responsible for lost memories due to overdrinking.

Meet the Super O Selena
That’s not just a regular martini! It’s 3oz of liquor that you’ll be setting next to this firecracker all night. Super O Selena loves the nightclub scene and often wears dresses that get her confused with a disco ball. When you’re out with Selena, all you need is to train your laser pointer on her dress and you’ve got a light show on the go! Don’t forget her olive, or you won’t get your super O at the end of the night!
Meet Eeentyini Esther
Spice up Esther’s Eenytini martini with some cranberry juice, gin, and a blackberry. Esther is a little shy at first, but after 9 or 10 martinis, she’ll be hiking up her dress to boogie on the dance floor. It doesn’t look like it, but Esther is a sucker for old school rock and roll. Pop several twonies into the jukebox, put on some Stairway to Heaven, and pull Esther close for a slow dance you’ll always remember*
Meet Emerald Ella
Ella is a karate fanatic! Her favourite colour is green, and she loves to kick butt in and out of the dojo. Watch out for her dangerous moves when you order her an Emerald martini! It might be gone before you can utter your first pick-up line. Ella loves to drink, but what she loves even more is to tie you up before she makes her move on you. If you don’t mind a few bruises, don’t let Ella get thirsty – in the bar, or in bed!
Meet Long Kiss Goodnight Laura
The red Long Kiss Goodnight martinis you’ll be bringing her will match her dress! Laura insists on wearing red wherever she goes. She says it makes people love her. Play your cards right and you’ll get your own long kiss goodnight after shutting the bar down with this lush.
Meet Cigar Lover’s Cindy
Cindy loves living on the edge and is not your typical lady. She loves a good, manly martini, so make sure a Cigar Lover’s Martini is settled next to her hand all evening! Cindy adores jazz bars and dancing to fast music. Pour her another one, and maybe it will be your cigar she’s loving by the end of the night!
Meet Dirty Cowgirl Diana
You’ll be heading to your favourite country bar if you’d like to impress Diana. This cowgirl loves chocolate with her booze as much as she loves getting dirt on her boots! Send a few Dirty Cowgirl martinis Diana’s way and you might just ride off into the sunset with Diana. Send her a handful, and Diana will be riding YOU. Watch out for her horse whip!
Meet In and Out Iris
Iris prefers her liquor to be deep blue, just like the flower she was named after. Demure and mysterious explains Iris to a T. You’ll be begging for Iris to open up her flower for you and give you more! Keep the bartender making In and Out Martinis, and it’s likely you’ll be doing the ‘in and out’ later with this beautiful bloom.