Most days, I prepare a food plate at work and set it on my desk to graze all day. It usually contains fruit, veggies, cheese, and usually a sandwich or other main dish. It’s nice and easy to keep at my desk, and I’m never hungry! I often take pictures of my food and usually post them on facebook 😉 Today’s plate contained a special surprise, I HAD to create a video of my experience. I had a specific image in my mind of how I wanted to make the video look, and naturally went to the iTunes app store to hunt around. Within 1 minute, I found the app I needed: Classic Cam! I find that in most situations, there is an app for what you need. This one happens to be free – but you can purchase a premium version to get more features. I love apps! Anyhoodle – here’s this morning’s documentary of my food!

Here’s this morning’s plate of food:

And here is the interesting surprise I found!

They make ’em BIG these days!