Happy Friday! Today’s post is iOS6 inspired! I recently got the update for my iPhone, complete with a new and improved Siri! I rarely bothered to turn the old Siri on, as she was practically useless. No matter what I said, the majority of the time her response was “I’m not sure what you’re asking, would you like me to search the web for that?” This got superbly annoying, super fast. Apparently, the new Siri is supposed to be smarter and funnier! I was playing with the new Siri while hanging out with my girlfriend and her twin – and decided that I should challenge said twin to a Siri Blog Duel! Ang’s blog is absolutely hilarious, so I figured this challenge would garner some excellent results! Don’t forget to check out Ang’s Siri post!!!

On to the challenge! It seems that Siri has been programmed to understand quite a lot more, as well as learning a whole bunch of cheeky answers to your requests! Below are some of my favourites 🙂

The first question that popped into my head was this one. Siri provided a fun answer that I was not expecting!

I asked Siri again about the woodchuck, and this was her second answer…
Now that the woodchuck was all sorted, I decided to ask Siri some personal questions to see what she would reply.

An important question for everyone, really…but Siri seems to be stone-walling me!

I thought it might help to delve a little deeper, but Siri is a coy devil…

Another vague answer!
Since Siri wasn’t being very forthcoming, I decided to pull back a little and try some easier question…

Maybe Siri would open up to me if it felt more like we were pals.. I finally got an answer!

I thought I might get somewhere with this one, but Siri was back to her old tricks. She doesn’t like getting personal!

I tried to pull a fast one on her, but it wasn’t happening…
With Siri keeping me at a distance, I thought I’d try some more existential questions that Siri might have some insight into!

I thought I’d start out with something hard. Turns out Siri doesn’t have any insight into the meaning of life…

Siri relies on WolframAlpha’s data banks to answer some of her questions. At least we got a bit of an answer here! I doubt this would satisfy any youngsters that got their hands on Siri!

The burning question that we all want to know the answer to: Is Santa Claus real? Siri provides several answers, but won’t commit to any one in particular!
I thought I’d try to ask some questions with more finite answers. Siri doesn’t seem to like philosophical or personal questions!

I didn’t check the work on this one, but I think siri did a good job at interpreting what I asked, at least 😉

OK, so maybe this isn’t exactly a finite question… but I’m wondering what ‘finding waldo in my contacts’ will do for finding Waldo?!?
After all this, I wondered if asking generic questions, or perhaps even making statements might help Siri out of her shell. Here’s what I garnered!

In all honesty, I was expecting “Chicken Butt” to be her answer… but it looks like Siri has a little bit of sarcasm programmed in there!

Apparently Siri doesn’t appreciate knock-knock jokes…
I’ve honestly never been so offended. RUDE!
Despite Siri’s blatant dodging whether or not she loves me, it seems that there is at least a little concern for my well being!

I thought I’d try buttering Siri up to see if this might loosen her up a little. She doesn’t even take compliments well!!!

Siri gets really frustrating after a while. I suppose she’s not really meant to be a source of entertainment, but more of an iPhone related assistant… Most of the questions or statements I dictated to Siri were mis-interpreted or misunderstood. I’d say about 90% of the time, Siri’s response was “I’m not sure what that means. Would you like me to do a web search?” NO. Thank you. I can do a web search myself! Siri is useful for dictating notes or text messages, for composing a tweet, or for making you an appointment, but don’t expect much more out of her!
This last request of mine was the straw that broke the camel’s back! After this, I turned Siri off. She’s mildly entertaining, but she eats up my battery life 😉

I spouted a series of words that started with P and Siri was helpful enough to find some restaurants that contained these items on their menu! LOL