this year's costume
This year’s costume: Day of the Dead! Dia de los Muertos!


I love Halloween. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It’s just so much fun to dress up and be something funny or scary or just plain weird for a day. And it’s totally acceptable! It’s also nice seeing people’s faces when they see you in your costume. I dress up every year. I haven’t missed a year since I was a kid – and we made our own costumes from scratch. I also dress up at work – and my workplace is amazing! Most people participate, and we have a pot-luck party every year. This year, Halloween fell in the middle of the week, and I HAD to prepare a scary treat for my office! Here is the making of: KITTY LITTER CAKE! (I got the recipe here). It looks so real and gross, that some people may not want to eat it!!! What kind of halloween tricks or treats are you up to this year??

Make Cake
Step 1: Make two cakes. One chocolate, one vanilla
baking cakes
Step 2: Bake the cakes!
crumble granola and cookies
Step 3: Crumble granola and cookies in the blender (I used chocolate chip, but the recipe called for vanilla wafer cookies)
make vanilla pudding
Step 4: Make vanilla pudding (The recipe called for two, but I only made one!)
add food colouring to granola crumble
Step 5: Add green and blue food colouring to the granola crumble to make it look like kitty litter!
take cakes out to cool
Step 6: Don’t forget the cakes!!! Take them out to cool
crumble the cooled cake and add pudding
Step 7 and 8: Crumble the cake into a kitty litter pan (make sure it’s a brand new one!!) and add pudding
smoosh the cake mixture down
Step 9: Smoosh the cake/pudding mixture down in the pan so it becomes more cake-y (I also added some of the cookie/granola crumble to the cake/pudding mixture while smooshing for visual effect!)
sprinkle granola/cookie crumble on top
Step 10: Sprinkle the cookie and granola crumble on top of the smooshed cake. It’s starting to look authentic!!!
melt tootsie rolls to make "kitty poop"
Step 11: Melt some tootsie rolls in the micro-wave so you can form kitty poops!
place tootsie-roll poops in the "litter"
Step 12: Place your formed kitty poops into the litter. Make sure some of the litter sticks to the poops so it looks real!
make some yellow-coloured caramel
Step 13: I added this step, because I wanted my litter box to be super gross. I made some quick caramel on the stove (sugar and water + boiling) and added some yellow food colouring to make it look like pee.
put the caramel kitty pee in the litter
Step 14: Carefully pour the caramel kitty pee into pools in the litter box!
serve with an authentic kitty poop scoop spoon
Step 15: Serve in a kitty litter pan with a real kitty litter scoop for effect! I found these items at the local dollar store. It looks SO GROSS! 🙂 Happy Halloween!!!