Dear R & A Bailey, and Gilbeys of Ireland,

I really enjoy Baileys, and I also quite enjoy the Baileys flavours “with a hint of…” They are fantastic, and awesome to add to coffee instead of cream, which makes my work morning so much more enjoyable. It is excellent over ice for a cool summer treat, or even just poured lovingly into a glass to sip by the fireside.

Who am I kidding, I chug this stuff. It’s like DRINKING CANDY!!!

I looked up the flavours you have available, and was pleasantly surprised. Original (which is always my top choice – the best of the best), Hint of Caramel (SO GOOD in hot chocolate!), Hint of Mint (this one is my bottom choice – mint and I are not friends, but since there is alcohol in it, I’ll drink it), and Hint of Coffee (which, ironically, is amazing in coffee… but makes a really good Mocha). Here is an image of the lineup:

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You know what else I really enjoy? Egg nog. Since Christmas is creeping up on is (only 32 days away!), the holiday food displays have risen up in grocery stores, along with delicious egg nog. [Sidenote: Dear readers: before you get all rampag-y on me and start composing a quote about how DISGUSTING egg nog is and “HOW CAN ANYONE DRINK THAT SWILL?” etc., I know – it’s not for everyone. Most people either love it or hate it. It’s OK if you hate it. But I love it.] That’s right Baileys brothers – I LOVE IT!

To attempt a segway at bringing my misguided thoughts together – I introduce the topic of Kahlua. MORE BOOZE! A fantastic Christmas drink that my Aunt introduced me to was egg nog with Kahlua in it. It tastes like chocolate milk spiced with Christmas!!! So tasty. [Sidenote: I challenge egg nog haters to try it… just once. Come on, indulge me – at least it’s alcohol!] It got me thinking… Anyhoodle, I was thinking about egg nog, kahlua, Christmas, and how tipsy I seemed to be getting so early in the morning, and happened to be staggering passing by some co-workers who also enjoy imbibing. Conversation ensued… egg nog was mentioned… and VOILA! Just like that – we had collaboratively come up with what I presume to be one of the BEST BAILEYS FLAVOURS YET!!! (Aside from the possible chocolate-bacon Baileys, but that is a letter for another day…)


Genius, no? Just think about how awesome that would taste in your coffee.. OH YUM! So here is my proposal, dear Bailey brothers: Go forth and multiply us some egg nog Baileys. What a fantastic Christmas treat! Goes down smooth – tastes like Chrismtas!

baileys egg nog
Genius collaborative alcoholic beverage idea – EGG NOG BAILEYS!

With love *hiccup* and hugs,

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