When I was a kid, it was EASY to make a list of things that I wanted for Christmas. My parents encouraged us to make a list of things we wanted (for Santa) so that they (Santa) would know what to get us. While I was watching ThunderCats, the commercials between segments were handy at reminding me exactly what I wanted. Commercials showcased the latest My Little Pony with real-feeling fur, rainbow hair, and it also has a flower on it’s butt that glows in the dark. And of course, just watching ThunderCats (and transformers, and G.I. Joe, etc. The list goes on) made you want action figures from all of them!

In addition to that, there was the host of fliers from Zellers, Kmart (that’s right. When I was young, there were still K-marts), Toys R Us, and many more. There was also the Sears catalog that we could look through for ideas. Most of the ideas were toys: Transformers, Barbies, radio controlled cars, Rainbow Brite, the latest Lego set including aliens and glow-in-the-dark space ship pieces with lights, an etch-a-sketch, and a Lite Brite. It was easy to come up with a billion things that I wanted!

Nowadays, it’s not so easy. I have everything I need. There’s nothing that I really want (aside from a new camera lens, but that’s a bit too expensive to put on any list). I don’t even need new underwear or socks – my sock drawer is so full it barely closes (and I already got rid of the ones with holes!). I have lots of clothes. I have a winter coat, hat, mitts. I have two fantastic dogs and a wonderful girlfriend. I have amazing family and friends! What more could I need?

So it’s hard to come up with a list for Christmas. People keep asking me what I want. I always answer “I don’t know.” Thankfully, our family is doing a Secret Santa this year, but I can’t even come up with a list for that…

I wish it was easy, like when we were kids. Maybe I’m too practical?!

Aside from World Peace, what do YOU think I should ask for, for Christmas???!