My good friend and fellow blogger PUCK just had a birthday. For this blessed occasion, I wanted to make her a cake. But not just ANY cake!

We are very good friends, and often joke about my being GAY. It’s all in fabulous fun – so I thought I’d return the Fun-Favour!

Enter: RAINBOW CAKE! I did a little google-ing and found this awesome recipe. My girlfriend and I got started baking!

The cake mix – Betty Crocker, of course!
Add a bunch of eggs to the cake mix
Whisk the cake mix !
MEASURE and separate into bowls
Add food colouring to each bowl – MIX
We need it to be bright!!!
Beautiful, brightly coloured batter!!!
Bake cakes separately-cut off the tops!
Put a thin layer of icing between each mini-cake! Keep stacking and icing!
Ice the outside, and decorate as you wish!
Surprise your friend with candles and a song!
PUCK cutting into her cake – about to find the surprise layers!!!
Time to eat cake! What bright colours!!! We love rainbows!