As you may have noticed, dear reader – I’m back from a long hiatus! I recently published my first blog post in SEVEN MONTHS, after finally being motivated to get back into blogging. What elbowed me in the ribs, you ask? This:

blog comment

I regularly read a few blogs, but BugBytes is one of my favourites. This gal is absolutely hilarious, and one amazing writer! A couple of other blogs I read regularly are FotogFoodie, Outdoor Voice (who <AHEM> hasn’t posted since APRIL, but is nonetheless hilarious), Leila’s Life of RileyKAON Photography, and Life Takes Over, and I seem to have enough time to read and comment, but obviously don’t make enough time to write. Julie’s comment served as an elbow in the ribs: GET GOING.

Then I wrote [two] [posts], and already have a few more planned for next week! The world works in mysterious ways…

This morning, some more motivation arrived from the universe. I logged in to check on my stats and see if any new comments needed to be approved, and I found this:


I hadn’t really been keeping great track of things, and after a seven month break, I wasn’t expecting anything as exciting as a shiny graphic with the number 200 on it! Apparently, I was on the cusp of breaking 200 likes just before I fell into the abyss of laziness. Obviously that isn’t such a huge thing (Clearly I need a larger readership!), but what a great thing to see when I just got started again. They like me! They really like me!

I’m motivated to make more entertaining posts, and keep the ball rolling. This is unlikely to gain me fortune and fame, but if I can make a handful of people laugh and smile, it’s worth it! So thank you KSUJULIE and UNIVERSE for elbowing me in the ribs.

I’m out there, Jerry, and I’m lovin’ every minute of it!