I love free stuff! But who doesn’t?? I’m wondering if I’m not the only one who makes purchases based on free stuff you get. I’m wondering if I’m not the only one who buys booze solely because it comes with free stuff (within reason, I won’t buy gross-tasting stuff unless it has some really epic free s#!t attached to it). This is what happens when we go to the liquor store: we hunt the aisles looking for the coolest and most lucrative freebies attached to bottles, and load up the cart! Here’s what we were able to get on one not-so-recent booze-tastic shopping trip!

Free mini bottle of Kahlua – you can’t buy these any more! So tasty….
garlic grater
The most adorable little cheese grater (ok, it’s for garlic) you’ve EVER SEEN! It’s sitting on the bar. I kind of want to use it for cheese…
mini JD bottle
Another mini bottle that you can’t buy anywhere. Are these samples so you can get hooked on JD and start buying bigger bottles??
Captain Morgan keychain
A completely useless and unnecessarily heavy Captain Morgan Keychain! Why is it so heavy? So that if you’re out at sea with the Captain and you drop your keys in the water, that they’ll sink faster? Still a cool prize…
free booze glass
Totally awesome beer glass! I didn’t even have to steal this from a restaurant! It’s so pretty…
bacardi can
An ENTIRE free drink, already mixed! Now, this is GOLD! I don’t even have to exert myself – a drink is already prepared for me. Winning!

It’s like when you were a kid and you asked your mom to buy cereal solely because of the cool prize you got inside. Nowadays the prizes are lame – like a free code to play an online game (LAME – I’d rather be assembling a plastic pirate ship that I can play with in the tub!). I think these liquor store prizes are WAY better than the prize at the bottom of a box of cereal – mostly because they are either adorably cute, or can get you drunk!