Internet Explorer 10 is THE DEVIL!


  1. IE 10 gets automatically installed on my computer with an update I didn’t approve
    (Pushy mircosoft)
  2. Every time I load IE10, it crashes on load and runs and endless loop of “IE10 has encountered a problem, please close the application.” I hit Close Program and up pops: “Windows7 is searching for a problem to this solution”
    I hit Cancel and up pops Box 1 again!
    ie-stopped-working ie-crash-dialog
  3. The only way to exit the endless loop is to go to the task manager and kibosh the remnants or IE10
  4. I exuberantly Uninstall IE10 (I love removing Microsoft products from my computer!)
  5. I reboot my computer (as required by Microsoft – DEMON SPAWN)
  6. The computer gets stuck in endless status of “Windows is configuring your computer, please do not turn off your computer”
    windows 7 stuck
  7. I wait. I wait 10 minutes. I wait 20 minutes. I wait for a total of 30 minutes, and nothing. That stupid little blue circle is still spinning!!!
  8. I hard boot my computer (not recommended in the middle of windows updates) by pressing the power button for 5 seconds.
  9. I sweat.  (What if it never reboots properly? What if I get a Windows error message and have to reinstall Windows???)
    ie makes me sweat
  10. I curse. (Use your imagination. I’m good at cursing)
  11. My computer reboots and installs some 32000 “updates”
    windows update stuck
  12. This takes some time. There are THIRTY TWO THOUSAND of them, after all.
  13. I wait.
  14. My computer finally boots up.
  15. IE 10 still installed.