Throwback Thursday #instagram

I’ve noticed over the past few months that there’s a new trend on Instagram – Throwback Thursdays. People post old pictures of themselves and apply super awesome hipster filters and frames to them for all to see. I posted one once. Why are old pictures always humiliating? In any case, This whole Throwback Thursday thing seemed like a lot of work. I’d have to hunt for old photos each week. Or maybe prepare ahead of time. Who has time for that? I decided to pour my energy into a much more fun Thursday activity – Thrift Store Thursday!

What is Thrift Store Thursday, you ask? Well, on Thursday – you head out to your local thrift store (or maybe two or three) and see what absolute gems you can find! From that crazy t-shirt to the weirdest coffee table book you’ve ever seen – thrift stores contain hours of entertainment. And if you happen to find anything hideous enough – why not give it a home? It all goes to charity, after all!

My personal goal is to find a bronze pirate. I know, it’s a longshot – but I know there’s one out there. So the hunt is on!

bronze pirates
Any of these bronze pirates would do to satisfy my goal! So many options!!!

I’ll be featuring Thrift Store Thursdays each week… until it gets old and boring… which could be one week, or many years! Thrift stores are a GOLD MINE for creepy and weird stuff that other people have gotten rid of for a reason.