My girlfriend collects watches. She loves them. There are getting to be quite a pile of time pieces in her general vicinity. I’ve looked at watch cabinets. I found some jewelry boxes that were customized for watches. But if you want a watch cabinet – you’re looking at big bucks!¬†They are beautiful and come with glass doors and shelves for displaying watches. They are also hundreds of dollars. Some are thousands of dollars. At best, the most feasible ones (only hundreds of dollars) hold a dozen watches. I felt that I could do better, and cheaper.

Cardboard GENIUS!I had a vision in my head about a dark wooden cabinet – probably one you’d see in a bathroom or for small knickknacks. My idea was to remove the shelf (or shelves) and put in some plexi-glass dividers. The plan was to fit them in much like the cardboard dividers in a wine box, with each shelf having slots in it for the ¬†cross-shelf to fit into.



Originally $90?! YIKESI started hunting for cabinets. They are not easy to find, let me tell you. And they are EXPENSIVE. I thought about converting a medicine cabinet to have a glass front instead of a mirror, and then we stumbled upon something when on an outing to Canadian Tire. In their bathroom section, they had the exact bathroom cabinet I had envisioned. When we checked the price, it was on sale for $36… down from $90! Jackpot!

Here’s how we built the shelves:

Step 1: Measure your cabinet, and do some math based on how many shelves you want. We were looking at three columns of watches, and 8 rows – for a total of 24 shelves to display beautiful watches!
It's perfect - wood with glass!
Step 2: Remove shelf from prefab cabinet of awesomeness.
Corrugated plastic sheet
Step 3: Acquire and measure plastic corrugated sheeting (Make sure to plan horizontal shelves with the corrugations going the short way, and vertical shelves with the corrugations the long way – to prevent bending!)
Adult supervision required
Step 4: Gather your tools (Measuring tape, ruler, exacto knife, marker). Mark lines where you want to cut. Use the ruler to cut straight lines!
Step 5: Cut grooves half way into each of the vertical and horizontal shelves, so that they fit together like the cardboard in a wine case.
Tiny white nails
Insert your assembled shelf into the cabinet and mark under each shelf. They will need support on the sides so they don’t start to sag.
Almost finished cabinet
Step 7: Admire your work and praise the gods that (a) you didn’t lop off any fingers (b) There was no major bleeding (c) the cabinet has no dents or scratches (d) the glass didn’t break (e) it actually works!
Mounted watch cabinet
Step 8: Mount that beautiful piece of work on the wall and load it up with watches! Beautiful!!

All in all, I spent:

Cabinet $36
Plastic sheeting $21
Super cool exacto knife $5

Which is pretty awesome compared to spending $10000 on this bad boy:

Seriously? $10000 for a watch cabinet?
It’s a little ridiculous to charge $10000 for something that only holds 8 watches. It is shiny though!