I am sick. *sadface*
There’s supposed to be another post here today, but I’m too tired to edit it, fix up the photos, and put it up. I’m sick. I despise germs! It started yesterday with a little tickle in my throat. My eyes were a little sore. Then the sneezing started. I probably sneezed about a million times yesterday. I’m not even exaggerating. Not even a little (ok, maybe a little… but it FELT like a million!).

Anyhoodle. There are excellent things planned, but my sore, scratchy throat is taking precedence at the moment. I’m trying to soothe it with some tea. I’m having oatmeal for breakfast because it’s warm and squishy. Good for the throat? Who knows, but it feels good sliding down.

I have my slippers. I have my halls. I’m about to take some oil of oregano. My blankie is wrapped around me. Yep, it’s definitely Monday.