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This post has been trying my patience. I’ve been trying to get it up for almost a week now. The images have been giving me technical difficulties. I can’t get them to copy from here to there, or my usb key won’t read, or the scanner refuses to scan my spiral-bound sketchbook properly, or I fell asleep. Anywhodles, I finally just took a picture of them on my phone and sent them to myself. Then I popped into Photoshop to remove shadows and stuff so they don’t look like I took a photo of them with my phone – even though I’m telling you that. 😉 It’ll be our little secret. Don’t tell anyone. It’s just between us.

swiss army knife drawing
I did this one a bazillion years ago (or a month). I was sitting on the couch and my swiss army knife was sitting beside me, so I drew it. TA-DA!
iris drawing
I started drawing random patterns, and then it started looking like the texture in an iris, so I went with it… It took a while, but it kinda looks cool!
neon drawing of elephant bottle
I got some new neon pencils and was fiddling around with them. I drew this elephant-bottle! I love all things neon!

Thrift Store Thursday!

Have you been to your local Goodwill? Searching for that 70’s lamp your neighbour’s kids broke? Missing a record from your precious vinyl collection? Don’t mind the wall of musty wind that violates you as you walk through the door – it’s worth it! Thrift stores are a gold mine! Here are the latest finds:

three-legged chair
Searching for that three-legged chair for your doll house, or some cute upholstered furniture for your pet hamster? This appropriately priced piece is just $3 – a buck per leg!
siamese cat photo
All your life you’ve been wanting a cat – but you’re deathly allergic. Your throat swells up when one of these cute little guys walks by. You sneeze uncontrollably when your friend who owns cats lends you their sweater. But lonely nights are getting you down. Solution: get a creepy framed photo of a cat to keep you company! Here kitty kitty…
tall shoes
Are you a size 4 1/2 women’s shoe, and feeling a little short? The thrift store has the solution! Gain almost three inches with these shoes that will bump up your ego – and your height!
Kermit? Is that you? What is it, you ask? It’s a piggy bank! Oh, that’s not what you meant? Um.. I’m pretty sure this is Kermit the Duck! True, it’s already given me nightmares, and I didn’t even buy it. Why don’t you pick it up for your 5-year old nephew and teach him a little about saving? 😉 And get him that Ricky Martin memorabilia too, while you’re at it.
bronze pirate fail
The search for the bronze pirate continues. Ceramic sailors seem to be throwing themselves at me, but I can’t seem to find a bronze pirate. This guy even had a parrot on his shoulder!!! Unfortunately, he was not made of bronze. Another point was lost when I realized he neither had a hook for a hand, nor a wooden peg leg. FAIL.

The fun never ends when you stir up boring days with a trip to your local thrift store. You never know what amazing, and sometimes absolutely bizarre, things you’ll find! Have you wandered into your local thrift store lately?

More Drawingses!

Sometimes I start drawing something (like a water bottle) and things start going awry. The bottom of the bottle turns into a woman with legs. One leg is shorter and skinnier than the other and becomes a gazelle leg. A tail is added… And weirdness results!

Gazelle Lion Bottle Lady

One more for today. Just a punny picture I drew. Wouldn’t it be scary if your heart REALLY attacked you? YIKES!

Heart Attack!


I’ve been at it again…

Wood Eye
Wood Eye – crazy eyelashes and a wood-texture. Who wants a glass eye when you can have a wood eye?!
Aimless Fruit
Aimless Fruit – what direction does your aimlessness go in?
Teeny Tiny
Teeny Tiny – little random drawings mashed together in a crowd!
SuckSess – good or bad? Up or down?


I owe this post to my fellow blogger KSujulie. I read her amazing and funny blog the moment something new is posted. Her amazing way of writing draws you in, makes you laugh, and just plain makes sense! If it wasn’t for a reply she left to one of my comments on her blog, I would be putting this post off much longer! Thanks Julie! Without further adieu…

My girlfriend had long ago requested that I draw a tattoo for her. She had this idea for it, and told me the story behind it. When she was little, her Grandpa gave her a little red drum for Christmas. She loved the little red drum, and played it (annoying the pants off of her Dad, which was Grandpa’s goal). She asked me to draw a pair of hands holding the drum as a tribute to her Grandpa, and fond memories.

girl with drum
Opening the drum with Grandpa. Look at that stylish hair!
girl with drum
Banging the drum. Even holding the drumsticks the right way!

I started doing some research a couple of months ago. It was hard finding examples of hands in the position I wanted. It was even harder finding an older man’s hands! My girlfriend envisioned the hands cupping a tiny version of the drum, holding it gingerly. Finally, I found an image that I thought would work!

Hands to hold a drum
Hands to hold a drum –

I spent a few hours working on a realistic sketch of the hands. I did about three versions. When I showed her, she told me she thought it was great. But I wasn’t happy. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of a move, so everything got put on the back burner. Once we settled into the new place, I had a little time on my hands to get the ball rolling again, and my pencil drawing again!

I decided to take a different approach, and simplify the image. I wanted it to be more original – and not just a boring, standard picture of hands. I wanted there to be something different about it. So I ended up with this drawing:

line drawing of hands
Comic-ish drawing of hands for the tattoo

I was very happy with the result! Now came the hard part. While researching, I managed to find an image of the EXACT drum my girlfriend had received for Christmas so many years ago. The problem was drawing it to stylistically fit the tattoo.

red drum
The little red drum!

I started drawing. I wasn’t sure how the colours or the lines should look. I wanted to incorporate colour, but have the drum look like it belonged in the drawing. My first attempt looked like this:

line drawing of drum
Line drawing of the drum in colour

I was ok with this, but I wasn’t quite happy. I decided that it needed to be outlined in black, like the hands. I set to work again drawing the drum. Some improvements were made:

drum line drawing
Black outline of the drum

I was happy with the result! But now it needed some colour. I set to work scanning it and altering the finished drawing on my computer.

line drawing of red drum
Colour version of the little red drum

Now I just had to put them together! Oh, the joy of computers and software! Here is the finished product! It’s great to draw again 😉

hands holding drum tattoo
The final product. This will be tattooed on my girlfriend’s back. She’s gotta start saving her pennies 😉

Dogs, bones and the Forkasaurus

This Friday I have three photos and one *drawing* … It’s all I have managed to accumulate this week! I have some musings for next week, but let’s save that fantastic fun stuff for Monday morning, when we’re all bleary-eyed and disgruntled that another week is beginning and we’ve just begun climbing the ladder.

So I’ve been playing with my new camera (Samsung NX-11). I’ve been testing out different modes and shutter speeds and aperture sizes. Most of what I capture looks like blackness, whiteness, or total crap. Every once in a while I capture something interesting… I definitely need more practice. Not much to share this week, but here are a few that I thought worthy of the blog!

Levi the wonder dog
Just a quick snapshot of my dog Levi. I managed to catch one of my favourite faces “What’s that over there?”
knuckle bone
A shot of the giant knuckle bone I got for Levi. It’s so big he’s afraid of it… It’s covered with gross stuff. I think it might be heavier than him too…
Levi depth of field
Playing with depth of field in this shot. Managed to get a blur on foreground AND background… also captured a creepy half-open sleep eye!
shutter speed crop
I was playing with shutter speed and trying different things. The actual photo this came from looked pretty terrible, but I liked the way that this crop separates the picture into three bands of colour. Also, it has a neat texture to it 🙂

And your Friday bonus:

Gunshot wounds and dead giraffes

Welcome to this week’s drawings! I created three cards recently for birthday (and non-birthday) greetings! In addition to that is a little cartoon I did of the Ages of Carrots 🙂 ENJOY!

The ages of carrots
The ages of carrots – from Baby to Senior! {CLICK TO ENLARGE}
Gunshot wound
Happy non-birthday! The inside says: Hope your day is better than Billy’s! {CLICK TO ENLARGE}
Chico the giraffe's last birthday
Happy Birthday! The inside reads: Here’s to many more for you! {CLICK TO ENLARGE}
Hairy Balls Birthday
Happy Birthday! The inside reads: Hope your gifts aren’t hairy balls this year! {CLICK TO ENLARGE}

TWO: a small accumulation of creativity

The only creative movement I have had in the last two weeks… TWO drawings. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Pretty self explanatory 🙂 I think it would be cool to explore this park {CLICK TO ENLARGE}
I started drawing the waves, and the waterfall evolved from that. It reminded me of niagara falls, so I added a little corpse being washed around in the undertow. {CLICK TO ENLARGE}

Be sure to eat your veggies, and get lots of sun!

Hello! It’s been a long hiatus since I posted some drawings. I have a few that were ready last week, but clearly I was not 😉 Here are the two I had mustered in the last couple weeks, and an additional one for your viewing pleasure! You’re going to get your vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B and a smile!

I drew this one for Andrea, and realized after finishing this one that it could be a neat tattoo 🙂
A card I painted for someone’s birthday… who doesn’t like broccolli cake?!
Don’t ask me WHY I drew this one.. it literally just appeared in my mind and I started drawing it. I think he looks dashing in his knitted scarf!

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