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The REAL tooth fairy story…

Here are this week’s drawings! I’m only one day late 🙂 For some reason, the stuff I drew this week was rather gruesome… oh well! Please enjoy – especially the tooth fairy 🙂 Don’t forget to CLICK to enlarge the images!

Pillow talk
OK, how creepy would it be if your pillows had conversations when you were gone (that means they have mouths, and teeth!) This what I imagined their conversation would be like 🙂
The REAL tooth fairy story
Our parents give us some twinkly magic version of the tooth fairy story when we are kids. This is the REAL one!
Toe nails
Toe nails – ’nuff said 😛

Enter title here

Yesterday, I was imagining the future – and what museums might hold to show our future generations how we live today. That brought me to wondering if history would be accurately described… and then things got silly. So I drew three “preserved” weapons of mass destruction (and added little bubble domes in Photoshop for effect). Imagine future generations looking back on these “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that we no longer use in the future… and gazing upon the HORRORS!!! Oh, and I also drew a few other things too 🙂 ENJOY!

Weapons of Mass Destruction - future museum pieces ;)

Deer in headlights
I drew this in about a minute and 48 seconds last night. I was thinking of the term “deer in headlights” and my pen just started scribbling. This is the result.
The bearded lady
I was trying to think of an icon for “the bearded lady” just in case any businesses were called “The bearded lady” and needed a logo.
Under the sea
I’ve been experimenting with silhouettes, and drew this one. I call it: Under the sea


Ahh… another group of fun little sketches. Here’s the latest bunch of weirdos! Don’t forget you can click them to enlarge if you’d like to see more detail! 🙂

pretty reflections
In high school during physics class, this guy Dave drew “EIBE” which is basically the top half of the word “FIRE” reflected. So I kinda did the same thing here, and added some bubbly happiness to it.
grapes. yeah. that’s it.
orbit eye
I was watching the Hubble Imax 3D movie (in 2D) and started drawing this guy… they said “orbit” a lot in the documentary 😉
The vowel-tacular chart of Fitness
One day I was mucking around on a white board and swapped out the “i” in FIT for other vowels… and ended up here. This is my updated chart drawing, including corresponding fat cell sizing 😉

Princess Chrysanthemum and friends

I’ve been doing my best to set time aside to do some drawings each week. Sometimes I sit there, pen in hand, and totally zone out. Other times, it seems like my mind is raring to go and you never know what’s going to happen. This week, two of my drawings are things that I saw and had to grab my sketchbook to draw right then and there. The third is something fun I drew on a white board for a co-worker that asked me to draw a “cute and fuzzy animal.” If you know me at all, I think you know what to expect… ENJOY!

puppy resting
This is my little dog, resting his head on a blanket and watching the goings on of the outside world. {CLICK TO ENLARGE}
Plant stand silhouette
I was sitting on my couch one day as the light disappeared from the sky. The room was almost completely dark (just light enough to draw!) and I captured the silhouette of my plants on their stand in the dusk light {CLICK TO ENLARGE}
cute fuzzy spider
Meet Princess Chrysanthemum! I drew her for my co-worker who requested a ‘cute and fuzzy’ animal. Ask and ye shall receive! Isn’t she cute?! {CLICK TO ENLARGE}

Sergio is hungry…

There’s nothing like sitting down with my pen or pencil and doodling a few hours away. Sometimes things start out one way, and end up completely different to what I had imagined. Sometimes, I’m able to draw exactly what’s on my mind. Either way, I usually end up with some interesting work. Here are some more tasty treats for you! My favourite is Sergio – I saved him for last 🙂

Doodling rays 😉 {Click to enlarge}
Cymbal of my affection
Cymbal of my affection {Click to enlarge}
An exercise with circles
An exercise with circles {Click to enlarge}
Sergio the hungry chicken
Sergio the hungry chicken {Click to enlarge}


I have prepared some delicious drawings for this week’s post of artistic tasty-ness! I have sketched these in my sketchbook, and filled in the happy coloured-ness in Photoshop on my computer. It has been such a long time since I have posted drawings that I forgot how long it takes from start to finish! After some hard work with pen and paper, and then my trusty computer, I present to you this week’s meal of art!

Esmerelda the many toothed lady
Esmerelda the many toothed lady
Medication full of happiness
Medication full of happiness
Box Car
Box Car (This one reminds me of pretending when I was a kid)
Emotional Guidance System
Emotional Guidance System – your heart’s GPS
Tooth ferry
The tooth Ferry… Shipping teeth across the ocean since 828 A.D.

Getting back on the art cart

I’ve taken a significant vacation from my sketchbook. I haven’t been doodling, drawing, or even painting. Before Christmas, I did some artworks for friends as presents (being talented comes in handy when budgeting for presents!).

Before I get to the drawings, I’ll get to the reason I decided to post today. I need to get myself back on the art cart! I’ve fallen off the wagon. I need inspiration. I need to start doodling again. I always carry my sketchbook with me, I just have to remember to make time to open it and draw! A couple of fun projects are coming up soon that will, hopefully, get the creative juices flowing. I’m doing three paintings for some friends of mine to go in their little baby’s room. Also, I will be doing a mural on a 10′ x 10′ wall in someone’s bathroom – a sunset!

And now, onto the most recent stuff…

I posted one in my last 2010 drawings post – a drawing of my friend’s dog, Brutus:

Sketch of my friend's jack russell terrier
Drawing of Brutus

I did three other drawings for Christmas presents. The next two are of my friend’s Cats – Kauzmo and Differential. They are super cute boys. I put these two photos in one frame, each separately matted.

Drawing of my friend's cat
This is my drawing of Kauzmo the cat!
Drawing of my friend's cat, Diffy
Here is my drawing of Diffy!

Last, but not least, I did a 14″ x 17″ drawing of my friend’s two-year-old. It took quite a while to finish this one, but I was really happy with the result! When finished, I matted and framed this one and wrapped it up for the proud parents!

My drawing of a friend's two year old
My drawing of the kid

I see the art cart coming… I have my ticket! Time to get on and enjoy the ride!!!

Weekly Drawings: OK, so I’ve missed a few…

Hello all! I usually post photos on Friday, but I have had some drawings waiting to be posted. The hustle and bustle of this busy season is getting to me, and I have not made enough time for photos! Here are the drawings for the week!

Insect dog
I wanted to do a drawing of a sort of picasso-like dog with many extra legs and eyes. This is the result 😛
Any song with a banjo is a good song
My friend’s husband LOVES Mumford and Sons, and he coined the phrase “Any song with a banjo is a good song” I just did a sketch one day including it 🙂
Muzik Monster
I have been learning the guitar, so have images of notes and staffs floating around in my head. I made them into the MUZIK MONSTER!
Brutus Boy
A drawing of my good friend Sandra’s dog, Brutus. He has the most awesome cute face!

Weekly drawings: back in the saddle

OK, so I may have had a busy week last week. No excuse! I could have made time for writing, drawing, and photos… I often have trouble keeping my priorities straight, but practice makes perfect!

Here are this week’s drawings 🙂 There are only three of them, but I’m BACK IN THE SADDLE, BABY!!!

Paul the Portly Presenter
I drew this one after seeing several gentleman of the same size and shape.. It’s like marketing that gets stuck in your head 🙂
Octopus lips
I really like Octopi, and I think they are majestic, mysterious, cool, and also a little bit scary. I respect them 🙂 I was thinking about how interesting/difficult life would be if our lips included a set of tentacles 🙂 Kissing would definitely be different!
Angry Kitty
This is a quick sketch I did of Sandra and Chris’ angry kitty. He is cute (and portly) but never seems to be in a good mood. I think it’s because he is always hungry… and slightly insane.

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