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Christmas Leftovers

Christmas OrnamentsNope, not sick of the decorations yet! I love turning the lights on and seeing the glow fill the room. I’d also like to point out that on Monday night, when my girlfriend came home from work she asked me why I hadn’t turned the lights on yet. I think the Christmas spirit is spreading!!!

So… we put lights up on the balcony 🙂 I ended up standing on a chair and tying wire to existing screws in the cement at the top of our balcony so we could string one strand up along the edge. It wasn’t too cold out, so my hands didn’t freeze, and the job was done quickly. We had to run an extension cord out one of the windows, but it lets in minimal air, and we have a bar to lock it just in case 🙂

The one strand fits perfectly on the outer rim of the top of our balcony! But if you remember, we bought two strands… We’ll have to figure out what to do with the extra string of lights!

It’s perfect out on the balcony now, with the warm glow of classic frosted Christmas lights shining! I made a suggestion that we just keep them up, because it’s nice to have that extra light on the balcony when you’re out enjoying the view. I think it might fly! 😀 With the exception of that last strand of lights, the Christmas decorating is done. I have a few presents that I already purchased that I can wrap and slide under the tree. Then it will REALLY look festive!

Next up? I’m thinking of making a wreath for the door. And of course there’s always holiday cookies and baking to do!!! The holiday cheer continues!

Balcony christmas lights
The lighted balcony!

My First Bokeh and more!

I’ve finally been getting my camera out a little more and practicing with it. The tripod I have is invaluable!!! I’m so glad I have one! I couldn’t imagine taking some of the photos I get without it. Here is the latest batch of HDR photos!

Shining sun
Snapped this awesome pic of a beautiful blue sky and shining, hot summer sun… I’m getting a tan just looking at it!
My first Bokeh
My first Bokeh – OK, so it is kind of mild, but I was so excited to catch any kind of bokeh at all!!! SO EXCITING!!!
balcony lantern
Grabbed a really great HDR snapshot of one of the lanterns on the balcony! I love the huge depth of field here! Blurry background and detailed lantern!
Angles from the balcony
Managed to snap this photo from the balcony. I just liked how it worked out with all the great lines and colours in the photo! HDR rules!

Strange weather

The last time I really picked up my camera was about a month ago when we had this amazing storm. I was at my good friend Sandra’s place hanging out on the balcony, and caught some neat shots of the world below me, as well as snagging one good shot of a lightning strike. I only got one, even though I was standing there with the camera on BURST, and took about 800 identical photos of the sky with NO lightning… only to see lightning strike when the BURST was finished! Anywho, these are the fruits of my labour.

Messy balcony
Using my telephoto lens to spy on the balconies across the street. People store a lot of junk out there!!
Blue skies
Snapping photos of the clouds and the blue sky south of the storm
Strange lighting
The sky starts to get darker, but with the storm rolling in, it takes on a strange dark blue hue that is oddly bright
traffic moving
I was playing with shutter speed and managed to catch some traffic moving along the street.
strange rain
I accidentally caught this strange rainy picture.
The piece de resistance! Lightning!
After waiting and waiting, and taking many photos, I finally managed to capture this lightning strike. You can see how FAST the lightning is, because the rest of the foreground is in motion due to camera movement, but the lighting was SO FAST that the camera movement did not affect the capture!


I have been doing some playing with images in Photoshop recently. A lot of the results of my playing are simply muddied, pixelated messes – but a few have come out looking interesting. I just have to remember how I got the images I got! Here are some fruits of my exploration in Photoshop! Please CLICK photos to ENLARGE them!

I call him Mawthra
Blood in the water
Blood in the water
many balconies
The many balconies - population: 1
Alien planet
Alien planet - love the colours I pulled out of this one!

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