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‘Tis the season! (Part 2)

In a previous post, a strand of Christmas lights went up. A suitable compromise between my girlfriend and I – I being of the Novmeber 1st decorating train of thought, and she being of the December somethingth train of thought. Last I left you, we had put up the lights, and were wondering if this small act of decorating would tide us over until our later-in-November-and-possibly-even-December slated Christmas decorating date.

The answer is NO. On Sunday, it happened. My lady came home from work around 2:30 and we had some time to kill before heading to a family dinner. Surprise, surprise – it wasn’t me that broke! I asked “What do you want to do?” and she replied (with no coaching, begging, or pleading from me) “Let’s put up the Christmas tree.”


With this decision came the great furniture shake-down. We had to make room in the living room for the tree – and decided to switch the large living room chair for a smaller one from the bedroom. This resulted in approximately 45 minutes of furniture re-arranging in the bedroom – and a completely new setup in there. Mission accomplished! With the living room appropriately cleared out, we happily began putting the tree up. The branches of the tree were carefully spread and we and settled it into place. Together, we wrapped the white garland around the tree and got things started. Soon, it was beautifully decorated with glass ornaments, silver bells, nut-crackers, and a few odd balls! Our white-themed tree turned out beautifully, topped by a white paper star! The only thing missing was Christmas music playing softly in the background, but I think that might have been pushing it…

Woodsy Christmas Ornament
A woodsy Christmas ornament. So cute!
Chubby little snowman
A chubby little snowman on skis! Old school glass with glitter!
Nutcracker soldier ornament
A classic-looking nutcracker soldier ornament. So handsome!
Modern wire Christmas ball
A modern wire Christmas ball, an amazing silver accent!
gold and white santa ornament
Another glass ornament. Santa in white and gold!
White owl ornament
To go with the white theme, we got a few glittery white owl ornaments!
glass horse ornament
Another glass ornament of a rocking horse with presents. Love the colours!

To finish things off, we hung up our stockings (and one for my girlfriend’s fantastic and bordering-on-famous sister) and lit some candles.

the stockings
The stockings were hung by the candles with care (we don’t have a chimney!)
The tree and the lights!
The tree and the lights! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… ♫♪♪♫♫

Now it feels like Christmas! I love decorating 🙂 On the way to family dinner, we stopped at Canadian Tire to grab two more strands of frosty lights for the balcony…

‘Tis the season! (Part 1)

OK, so the cat is out of the bag… I’m a holiday FREAK. Not so much the Easter bunny and Four-leaf-clover kind of holiday (although I do love me some Lucky Charms!), but the Christmas variety (and also Halloween, as per my last post)! In the past few years, I haven’t really done Christmas right. Last year, I didn’t even have a Christmas tree up in the apartment (Blasphemy, I know. But it’s a long story involving a crappy landlord resulting in a space I hated to come home to – so why decorate?).

Anyhoodle, I’m psyched and excited this year! I get to start from SCRATCH and build a new Christmas inventory with my favourite girl. My lady is not as much of a Christmas freak as I am, so there are going to have to be compromises. First of all, I usually love decorating on the first of November. It’s only fair, since Halloween is over. Doesn’t it make sense, since I’m already taking down Halloween stuff and putting it away (OK, so this year it was just two soggy pumpkins I threw in the trash) to put up shiny, sparkly Christmas stuff in it’s place? It only seems logical to me. The love of my life disagrees, and made a strong argument that we might get sick of the Christmas decorations if we put them up too early. I listened patiently, all the while the Christmas conscience in my head screaming “WHO GETS SICK OF CHRISTMAS?!?” I’m willing to meet her half way, so I proposed decorating closer to the end of November – somewhere in the third week. I felt strongly that December 1st was much too late to decorate. Thankfully, we agreed and all seemed to be well in our future Christmas Wonderland!

Then we put up a string of lights…

OK, so we were in Canadian Tire and found our all-time-favourite lights (also, uber hard to find). Remember those super awesome old frosted C9 bulbs? Classic!!! We had to buy the strings and then get a bunch of boxes of lights, because they don’t come all together anymore (not that I’ve found). Who says money can’t buy nostalgia? It can! We also picked up some ornaments (those super cool old-school glass ones with glitter and creepy faces) and I managed to find some garland for the tree as well. My lady and I happily headed home with our much sought after lights, and couldn’t wait to put them up!

We carefully unboxed all the ornaments, the tree skirt, and the garlands, and packed them gingerly into a plastic bin so that we could be organized come tree-trimming day. But the lights just had to go up! It was just too exciting that we had found the perfect frosty lights. Assembly began, starting with a red bulb, and filling in the sockets with blue, then green, yellow, orange, and white and so on until the whole strand was full of awesomeness. Note: It’s important to follow a pattern of colours and stick with it – no randomness will be tolerated. It was just too much not to plug them in to see what they looked like and bask in their warm, Christmassy glow. We plugged them in. *AAAAAAAAHHHHHH* It was like pouring a shot of Christmas down your throat – instantly, my chest was warm with a fuzzy, Christmassy feeling!

After bathing in glow of the Christmas lights for a while, we packed bin carrying the new ornaments and garlands away with our recently purchased pre-lit Walmart Christmas tree (only $49 – a bargain!) for later decorating awesomeness. I was happy and decided that hanging the lights would be awesome enough to carry me through til our much-later-than-normal decorating date. It was nice to turn the lights on and feel the Christmas warmth flow through me… but would we be able to wait?…

To be continued!

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