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My First Bokeh and more!

I’ve finally been getting my camera out a little more and practicing with it. The tripod I have is invaluable!!! I’m so glad I have one! I couldn’t imagine taking some of the photos I get without it. Here is the latest batch of HDR photos!

Shining sun
Snapped this awesome pic of a beautiful blue sky and shining, hot summer sun… I’m getting a tan just looking at it!
My first Bokeh
My first Bokeh – OK, so it is kind of mild, but I was so excited to catch any kind of bokeh at all!!! SO EXCITING!!!
balcony lantern
Grabbed a really great HDR snapshot of one of the lanterns on the balcony! I love the huge depth of field here! Blurry background and detailed lantern!
Angles from the balcony
Managed to snap this photo from the balcony. I just liked how it worked out with all the great lines and colours in the photo! HDR rules!

Long shadows and early nights

Fall is here. I’ve been out to take a few photos here and there, and these are the best of my collection so far. I kind of feel like hibernating. Not just sleeping a lot more… really hibernating. Maybe I’ll have a day or two where I eat food for hours at a time. I’ll bulk up with fat, and then curl up in a few warm comforters and fall asleep for 5 months. I can wake up sometime in April when the thaw is finished, and spring is here again! But then I’d miss a whole bunch of blog posts. Dilemma! While I decided, here are the latest and greatest photos:

Rusty fall texture
I really liked the texture of the paint on this power box. The rusty colour showing through was reflecting the colour of the leaves all around.
My crazy dog
A photo of my crazy dog zoning in on some squirrels. He is the same colour as a lot of the leaves. This is the season he camouflages well!
Super sunset
I liked the silhouettes created on this beautiful sunset and snapped a pic
Untouched sunrise
I had to be up ridiculously early for work and managed to catch this fiery sunrise. This photo is untouched! Crazy colours!
This is a picture of my dog waiting for me to say "OK" so that he can jump and get the stick. I like how he is just out of focus 🙂

Photo Day: Week 10 :)

This past week I:

  • went to the market
  • ate some strange fruit
  • found a crumb
  • licked something

Here are the results of my adventures! Don’t forget to click on an image to enlarge it and see more detail 🙂

Farmer's Market Veggies
A visit to the farmers' market yeilded some beautiful fall colours!
Ground Cherries
I saw some strange little things that looked like chinese lanterns. Turns out they are Ground Cherries!

What are ground cherries? Click to watch a video about ground cherries!

Complimentary colours
I was eating my apple and noticed how beautiful the colour on my nail looked against the green apple. I had to take a picture of these complimentary colours 🙂
star shaped crumb
I was munching on some bread (in my room) and saw this star-shaped crumb on my cover.
Gobstopper: the hundredth lick
I bought a giant gobstopper this week and took a photo of it after my hundredth lick. It kind of looks like a planet!
Bee trying to get his honey back
This is just a bonus. At the farmer's market, I saw a bee trying to get his honey back... I thought it was funny and sort of sad at the same time 🙂 I can just imagine him screaming "That's my house!!!" Poor bee!

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