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Dogs, bones and the Forkasaurus

This Friday I have three photos and one *drawing* … It’s all I have managed to accumulate this week! I have some musings for next week, but let’s save that fantastic fun stuff for Monday morning, when we’re all bleary-eyed and disgruntled that another week is beginning and we’ve just begun climbing the ladder.

So I’ve been playing with my new camera (Samsung NX-11). I’ve been testing out different modes and shutter speeds and aperture sizes. Most of what I capture looks like blackness, whiteness, or total crap. Every once in a while I capture something interesting… I definitely need more practice. Not much to share this week, but here are a few that I thought worthy of the blog!

Levi the wonder dog
Just a quick snapshot of my dog Levi. I managed to catch one of my favourite faces “What’s that over there?”
knuckle bone
A shot of the giant knuckle bone I got for Levi. It’s so big he’s afraid of it… It’s covered with gross stuff. I think it might be heavier than him too…
Levi depth of field
Playing with depth of field in this shot. Managed to get a blur on foreground AND background… also captured a creepy half-open sleep eye!
shutter speed crop
I was playing with shutter speed and trying different things. The actual photo this came from looked pretty terrible, but I liked the way that this crop separates the picture into three bands of colour. Also, it has a neat texture to it 🙂

And your Friday bonus:

Weekly drawings: what is that on your face?!

As per usual, I have some “interesting” creations that I cooked up this week.  Sometimes I wonder if my brain has a weird stamp on it…. Click images to enlarge them, and don’t forget to let me know which ones you like best – and maybe even why! 🙂 Thanks!

I wondered how disturbing it would be if your mouth was on the tip of your nose, instead of below it!
O'toolz Toolz
I was thinking about people with funny names, and this is what came out of my pen 🙂
Spider Plant
I drew my spider plant. Nothing weird here, except that maybe it looks a little creepy 🙂
I drew my Cacti too… They have bulbous heads 🙂
Bumpy the lumpy three-legged dinosaur
I invented a new species of dinosaur – the Cystasaurus… She has a skin condition, please don’t make fun 🙂

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