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Donation for cake

Fruitcake: GET IN MY BELLY!

Ever have trouble finding that perfect gift for someone? Or perhaps you like baking things for the holidays and giving that as a gift, but don’t always feel like your baking may be enough of a gift? A friend and I have come up with a solution!

Who likes fruit cake? There seems to be a clear divide between those that LOVE it and those that HATE it. I’m one of those people who LOVE it.

Recently, I posted a photo of a fruitcake on Facebook and commented “Fruitcake: GET IN MY BELLY!!” A host of comments came in:

  • Sam you might be the first person in the history of fruitcake or Xmas to like fruitcake lol
  • There should be a “Yum” button on here
  • My mon makes dattt but i hate fruits lol
  • Yuck.
  • That looks like a great fruitcake. I LOVE fruitcake.

And then there was one comment from my friend Aurora that stood out among the pro and con fruitcake vote:

Inbox me your address and I’ll mail you some of my great-grandmother’s Christmas cake and some of my Nonna’s struccolo when I make them this month!

First of all, what a generous offer! This particular friend of mine lives on the East Coast – so the generosity is stretching across the country! I was excited and floored by this offer. I replied with a private message:

NO WAY! OK – I can’t just ask for free fruitcake. Is there anything fun and/or exciting that only Toronto or the GTA has? Send me on a fun errand, and I’ll send you something fantastic in return!

I thought it was in the spirit of Christmas to have an exchange! How fun! But the response I got back was WAY better than I expected!!!

Well you didn’t ASK, I offered! But if you insist, I’m not sure! …
I don’t know. Make a donation to a local underfunded museum, animal shelter, David Suzuki, or whatever other charity moves you?


We had a brief chat about charities that we were thinking about. Supporting mental health was one idea, as well as animal welfare, human welfare, and the environment. Aurora left it up to me to choose something that was close to my heart. I looked around at many websites and read a lot of articles about different charities. I almost went with David Suzuki when I remembered seeing an article on another friend’s blog about supporting Nature Conservancy of Canada. So that’s what I settled on!

Aurora and I are thinking this might be a great thing for people to do this Christmas, and in future! We all know there are people out there who are amazing bakers, and there are those of us who just aren’t sure what to get for people. This is a great solution! One person gives a donation to a charity of their choice, and in return their gifting partner sends them some baked goods (FRUITCAKE!!!). Both people are giving to a worthy cause!

So this year – if you’re not sure what to get someone, send the gift of a donation in their honour. Maybe you’ll get some tasty fruitcake in return!!!


Journal from the past

I found this old journal entry today that I found amusing 🙂 I am going to copy it in here verbatim… entertaining!

Tired chips is the theme for today. Crunchy, salty, sleepy day. Burn my tongue but in a good way. Progress, purging, laughing, sharing, and unexpected cactuses.

It’s nice to know when you are truly appreciated and that there ARE people out there who actually appreciate when you give your help. Most people just take. The takers can go take from someone else! I’m good where I am with the people who appreciate me.

Life is good.

And there ARE good people out there. I want more chips. Maybe tomorrow…

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