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This post has been trying my patience. I’ve been trying to get it up for almost a week now. The images have been giving me technical difficulties. I can’t get them to copy from here to there, or my usb key won’t read, or the scanner refuses to scan my spiral-bound sketchbook properly, or I fell asleep. Anywhodles, I finally just took a picture of them on my phone and sent them to myself. Then I popped into Photoshop to remove shadows and stuff so they don’t look like I took a photo of them with my phone – even though I’m telling you that. 😉 It’ll be our little secret. Don’t tell anyone. It’s just between us.

swiss army knife drawing
I did this one a bazillion years ago (or a month). I was sitting on the couch and my swiss army knife was sitting beside me, so I drew it. TA-DA!
iris drawing
I started drawing random patterns, and then it started looking like the texture in an iris, so I went with it… It took a while, but it kinda looks cool!
neon drawing of elephant bottle
I got some new neon pencils and was fiddling around with them. I drew this elephant-bottle! I love all things neon!

Tuesday: the new Monday

Greetings and salutations! I missed yesterday due to a holiday… But I’m back with more scintillating content. Wait, I’m pretty sure only two people actually read this. Oh well – HELLO, HAPPY READERS!

The good thing about a long weekend is that it is long. You have a little extra time to do the things you wanted to do. You scratch a few more things off the old “to-do” list, or get in a little more relaxation than you’d usually have… But the terrible thing about a long weekend is that  come Tuesday (the new Monday), you have now been treated to not two but three days of slacking off – which I find to be the perfect amount of time to leave you really wanting more. It’s like that extra little taste of freedom drives you batty on a Tuesday (Monday) morning.  I find it extra difficult to drag myself out of bed after a long weekend, regardless of how much or little enjoyment/adventure/rest I encountered during said long weekend.

I have decided that ‘half-full’ is the theme for the day. Seeing as it feels like Monday but it’s Tuesday – I feel that I should be jumping on the wagon of positivity, leaning over into the wind and waving my hat at everyone as I’m whizzing by! Because Monday is GONE GONE GONE – and tomorrow is the middle of the week already! So ‘half-full’… THAT and “Anything can happen.”  Today’s words are UP, POSITIVITY, and HALF FULL (ok, I know that’s two words).

Seeing the other side of the coin (or attempting to fill that glass up!) is difficult sometimes. You gotta quit comparing and competing. Stop worrying about what Bob over there is doing, and worry about only you. It becomes a little easier to be positive within and about yourself when nobody else is interfering. Who cares what Bob thinks of that shirt you are wearing. Do you like it? Do you feel comfortable in it? Yes? Then you  look spectacular! No? Then take it off and put one on that doesn’t chafe you! That’s all that matters! Because there are far too many people in this world to worry about pleasing others. It’s enough to drive you NUTTY! But we (I) still do it – more of the infamous training we receive from DAY 1.

I SHUN YOU TRAINING! I am on a new training schedule.

On a random note – I always imagine the glass (half full!) to contain milk. Don’t ask me why… that’s just how my brain works. What’s in your glass when you imagine it?

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