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The peeps phenomenon

ShowerThis morning in the shower I was thinking about something (as I usually do). Standing under the hot water and relaxing often brings me to some interesting revelations!

I was thinking about how I’m moving to a new place with the love of my life. Not only am I moving because I want to share a space with this fantastic girl, but I’m also moving because my landlord is a bit of a douche bag. Honestly, I don’t think he’s that bad as a person. As a landlord, the story was a little different. He would come into the apartment when I was gone to do laundry (without asking), was overly stringent on the rules of just how clean the driveway should be, not to mention that the laundry room (that is in MY SPACE!) was locked and I had to call him to open it when I wanted to do laundry. But overall, he’s not such a bad guy. He’s just doing what seems right for him. Continue reading “The peeps phenomenon”

Shower thought

Every morning, my shower time is a big thinking period for me. Often strange thoughts enter my head, sometimes remaining tidbits from the tail end of a dream. Sometimes it is kind of a mental prep period for the day. As I stand under the water, my brain often does its own thing while I enjoy being enveloped in the soothing hot water.

Sometimes I have what I call “shower thoughts.” Usually, it’s an idea for something. Today it was a memory.

Cross Country Ski bootIn grade 4, our class went on a trip with school to go cross country skiing. The cost of the trip included a bus there and back, ski and boot rental, and a hot lunch. I think there were more classes going, but all I remember is our grade 4 class. I was 9 years old, and some of the other kids were 10. I don’t remember too many details, chatter on the bus, getting there and hearing teachers and leaders talk to us, getting on my ski boots and trying to figure out how the skis worked.

I remember that we were told which trails were small loops and which were longer loops. All of the trails were marked with a coloured ribbon or a coloured mark on the trees so the trails were easy to follow. I think I started out skiing with a group of kids, but ended up skiing by myself along the green trail. I didn’t realize that this was one of the longer trails. I was having a great time by myself, zipping along on my skis. I remember being hot, and undoing my coat a little to let the cold air chill me out.

As I was skiing along in the back woods by myself, I came up to one of the boys in our class. He was crumpled on the ground and crying. I remember his name was Jeff, and that he was relatively new to the school. I glided up beside him and asked him if he was ok.

Jeff sobbed that his feet were all wet and cold and that he couldn’t ski any more. He was in a panic. I took off my skis and sat down with him. I told him that we could trade boots and socks. My feet were warm! He calmed down a bit as we sat together. We traded boots and socks. His crying subsided as his feet warmed and he realized he was not all alone out here. I gave him some words of encouragement, and coaxed him back to his feet. I assured him that we could ski back together – it wasn’t far. Jeff got back to his feet and we skied slowly back to the lodge. My feet still warm in the wet socks and boots. Jeff was in much better spirits.

When we got back to the lodge, some kids were zipping down a small slope. Jeff quickly found his friends and I was left alone again. I sort of joined in on one side of the fun, and had a few laughs gliding down the hill along side the others. It was then that I realized that Jeff had forgotten all about me, and was now in his own world with his friends. He would never have told his friends that he had cried, much less that a girl had helped him. Knowing this still didn’t change my mood. I felt happy that I was able to get him back on his feet and safely back to the group.

Every once in a blue moon, this memory resurfaces – today it was during my shower thought. I think it keeps coming back to me because I wonder sometimes where Jeff is, and if he remembers trading socks and boots with me.  😉

Journal from the past

I found this old journal entry today that I found amusing 🙂 I am going to copy it in here verbatim… entertaining!

Tired chips is the theme for today. Crunchy, salty, sleepy day. Burn my tongue but in a good way. Progress, purging, laughing, sharing, and unexpected cactuses.

It’s nice to know when you are truly appreciated and that there ARE people out there who actually appreciate when you give your help. Most people just take. The takers can go take from someone else! I’m good where I am with the people who appreciate me.

Life is good.

And there ARE good people out there. I want more chips. Maybe tomorrow…

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