Happy Friday!! It’s time to post some pics and throw in a couple of stories with the mix! Next week I will be resuming my regular schedule. I will (much like this week) be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Who knows what day will hold what, but I plan to do one photo day, one drawing day, and one writing day. If I get lucky, I might do more than 3 posts a week. Let’s see how it goes… On to the photos and good stuff!

First up is  a group of photos from my 10-day meditation retreat. You can read the full story here. But the short story is that I and about 90-or-so others went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat over New Years 2010. After 6 or 7 days, people began ‘entertaining’ themselves by making patterns and writing in the snow.

Drawings in the snow
After some time, people began making drawings in the snow. -Click to enlarge-
Anicca - change
This one reads "Change" which was one of the things we learned about during meditation -Click to enlarge-
Doodle in the snow
Someone drew this on the last day, once the silence was lifted. -Click to enlarge-

One story that I neglected to include in my blog posts about my meditation was the “Love Boot” story. One day, as I was walking around the grounds on break time, I noticed a familiar symbol in the snow beside the path. As I kept walking, I noticed another, and then another. I went back to the first symbol, and realized it was a letter. Someone had written “love” backwards in the snow with their boot. I examined the boot pattern and decided to try to find “love boot!” I spent hours walking around during breaks, often glancing over at boot prints as people passed me to see if their boot print matched. It took me several days to finally find out who “love boot” was, but I did find her! Once the silence had broken, I had to ask her if it was her that had written love backwards in the snow, and it was! We laughed over the nickname I had given her.

The boot print - it took me a few days to find the owner
The "love boot" print - it took me a few days to find the owner, but I SOLVED the case! -Click to enlarge-

Another story from  my meditation retreat… On the tenth day, a lot of people began packing and sorting out their things. One girl, Mini Shepra (read about her and how she got her nick name), did her washing in the basin at the residence, then thought she would hang them to dry outside. Being from France, I am not sure she understood what would happen to her freshly washed laundry in the Canadian winter. When we talked to her, she said she was “trying an experiment.” It was one of the funniest experiments I have ever seen! The next three photos document Mini Sherpa’s Canadian Laundry experiment!

Mini Sherpa hanging her laundry to "dry"
Mini Sherpa hanging her laundry to "dry" -Click to enlarge-
Mini Sherpa's laundry blowing in the breeze.. it will dry soon, right? ;)
Mini Sherpa's laundry blowing in the breeze.. it will dry soon, right? 😉 -Click to enlarge-
The "dry" laundry
The "dry" laundry... OK so it DIDNT dry outside 😉 Every experiment yields results. This result was simply not a desirable one! -Click to enlarge-

Last but not least, a cool photo I took while wandering the grounds of the meditation retreat. It’s amazing the beautiful things you notice when you are not so wrapped up in who is calling you, making sure you check your email, worrying about the conversation you had with so-and-so this morning, and all the things you have to get done today.

Mushroom on a tree
This is a close-up shot I took of a really neat mushroom growing on a tree. -Click to enlarge-