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Photo day: Rewind!

Today is a rewind of some photos that I love that I don’t think I’ve posted here before. I was looking through all my photos from the last  six months and found some really awesome ones that I wanted to share 🙂 Click on them to enlarge and see details!

Fire graffiti from camping
Fire graffiti from camping
fire sparks from camping
fire sparks from camping
droplets on a leaf
droplets on a leaf - it looks as if this was taken at night, but I can't remember...
Levi puppy being cute
Levi's eyes sometimes go in opposite directions... he's cute though 🙂
cool angle - weird hair
I was playing with my hair and got this weird closeup of my eye. I like the composition and shapes 🙂
chopping pepperoni
Chopping pepperoni at Mike's place... best pizza ever!
inside of my mouth
This is a shot of the inside of my mouth - I was trying to take a photo of one of my molars (huge chip) and my hand got in front of the flash. This is the resulting "horror movie" photo
a page from my book
I snapped this one while reading... I remember it was a really nice day out!

Weekly drawings: what is that on your face?!

As per usual, I have some “interesting” creations that I cooked up this week.  Sometimes I wonder if my brain has a weird stamp on it…. Click images to enlarge them, and don’t forget to let me know which ones you like best – and maybe even why! 🙂 Thanks!

I wondered how disturbing it would be if your mouth was on the tip of your nose, instead of below it!
O'toolz Toolz
I was thinking about people with funny names, and this is what came out of my pen 🙂
Spider Plant
I drew my spider plant. Nothing weird here, except that maybe it looks a little creepy 🙂
I drew my Cacti too… They have bulbous heads 🙂
Bumpy the lumpy three-legged dinosaur
I invented a new species of dinosaur – the Cystasaurus… She has a skin condition, please don’t make fun 🙂

Photo day – Week 7: the sum of my parts

Last week I cracked my molar and was trying to take a picture of the hole in the back of my mouth. I ended up fogging up the camera, and getting several pictures of my tongue. I got a couple interesting shots, though – and thus became the inspiration for this week’s photos! They are both intriguing and kind of gross at the same time. It’s sort of like looking at a horrible accident, you want to see what’s going on there, but are horrified by what you see, and find yourself unable to look away! I hope you enjoy this week’s pics – Oh, I added the last one for your sanity 🙂

Don’t forget to click the photos if you’d like to enlarge them and see more detail!

innards and teeth
Innards and teeth - trying to take a picture of my molar!
Red parts
Red parts - I took a picture of the inside of my mouth and the flash went off behind my other cheek resulting in this creepy red picture - UNTOUCHED!
body parts toes
Fingers, toes? Either way, they are hairy!
The pink/black hole
Cracks, crevices, curves and wrinkles in pink, and black... made by my hand
bleeding knee
My bleeding knee after a roller blading incident. I like the texture of my skin and the brightness of the blood
dew drops
I told you the last one was to save your sanity from all these gross photos! Some beautiful dew drops hanging delicately off the edge of a leaf early in the morning...

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