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Random thoughts for a Monday

  1. The best gift you can give someone is an experience. 
  2. Love is most important thing.
  3. Standing in someone else’s shoes is a very difficult thing to do.
  4. Listening isn’t easy, but often that’s all that anyone needs you to do.
  5. Something as simple as a smile can completely change someone else’s day.
  6. Boundaries are important, and it often takes decades to figure out where you should put them.
  7. Enjoy as much of each day as you can. Even the sad, angry, and terrible moments are worth a lot.
  8. Perspective constantly changes… try to look at every situation from more than one standpoint.

Mini post, mini cookies, traffic smiles

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to share some joy with you today. I only have two photos for this mini-post…

The first is a photo of this morning’s snack: Teeny Bits! They are little tiny chocolate-covered confetti cookies that I found at the local supermarket in the imported foods aisle! So cute and tasty – and they go so well with coffee!

Teeny Bits cookies
Teeny Bits cookies

The second is a photo I snapped while waiting in traffic on the way to work. I was having a grouchy morning, and I looked out my window and saw this unexpected street sign… It made me smile and snapped me out of my grouchy-ness!

Happy Heart street sign
Happy Heart street sign

I hope you all have a superbly awesome Friday! Hooray for the weekend!!!

Teaser: Next week I’ll be featuring a new and exciting series of photo posts about a recent cooking adventure!

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