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Thrift Store Thursday!

Have you been to your local Goodwill? Searching for that 70’s lamp your neighbour’s kids broke? Missing a record from your precious vinyl collection? Don’t mind the wall of musty wind that violates you as you walk through the door – it’s worth it! Thrift stores are a gold mine! Here are the latest finds:

three-legged chair
Searching for that three-legged chair for your doll house, or some cute upholstered furniture for your pet hamster? This appropriately priced piece is just $3 – a buck per leg!
siamese cat photo
All your life you’ve been wanting a cat – but you’re deathly allergic. Your throat swells up when one of these cute little guys walks by. You sneeze uncontrollably when your friend who owns cats lends you their sweater. But lonely nights are getting you down. Solution: get a creepy framed photo of a cat to keep you company! Here kitty kitty…
tall shoes
Are you a size 4 1/2 women’s shoe, and feeling a little short? The thrift store has the solution! Gain almost three inches with these shoes that will bump up your ego – and your height!
Kermit? Is that you? What is it, you ask? It’s a piggy bank! Oh, that’s not what you meant? Um.. I’m pretty sure this is Kermit the Duck! True, it’s already given me nightmares, and I didn’t even buy it. Why don’t you pick it up for your 5-year old nephew and teach him a little about saving? 😉 And get him that Ricky Martin memorabilia too, while you’re at it.
bronze pirate fail
The search for the bronze pirate continues. Ceramic sailors seem to be throwing themselves at me, but I can’t seem to find a bronze pirate. This guy even had a parrot on his shoulder!!! Unfortunately, he was not made of bronze. Another point was lost when I realized he neither had a hook for a hand, nor a wooden peg leg. FAIL.

The fun never ends when you stir up boring days with a trip to your local thrift store. You never know what amazing, and sometimes absolutely bizarre, things you’ll find! Have you wandered into your local thrift store lately?

Thrift Store Thursday!

Welcome back to another edition of Thrift Store Thursday! Each week, I head to the local thrift stores in search of the bizarre, the classic, and the downright awful things that people donate for the benefit of charity. Don’t get me wrong, thrift stores are a gold mine – that’s why I go! But sometimes you see something on the shelf that makes you cock an eyebrow, tilt your head, and say WHATTTTT the heck?? Here are the latest and greatest!

suit of armour
That’s right, folks. For a mere $35, you can be the proud owner of a half-sized suit of armour. Wouldn’t he be cool standing at your front door warding off Jehova’s witnesses? BARGAIN!
8 track tapesa
This is one of the most epic collections of 8-track tapes I have ever seen. Lawrence Welk? Englebert Humperdink? A lot of these look like they were dubbed, too. It’s days like these I wish I had an 8-track player.
bull salt and pepper shaker
Tired of carrying your own salt and pepper shaker around? Looking to spice up your dinner table with more than just the usual? Then you’ve found what you’re looking for! Is it a buffalo? Or a bull? Either way, this fellow will heft your spices! BULLSALT!
jesus statue of liberty
This priceless resin gem found on a shelf labeled and organized as “Knick Knacks People.” Yes, there were that many shelves of knick knacks that they had to be organized by category! Is it Jesus? Or is it the love child of Jesus and the Statue of Liberty?? Where is his torch? Where is his book? In any case, Jesus Saves! Why do you think all the other knick knacks are ceremoniously gathered around him?
thrift store wedding dresses
The rack of shattered memories… or dreams… or just maybe the rack of divorce? I think thrift store wedding dresses are a GREAT idea! It’s an inexpensive way to procure a wedding dress you’re only going to wear once. Donate it back once you’re done! There were some beautiful options here with some intricate beadwork – nevermind the cake and wine stains 😉

Check back next week for more thrift store finds!! You never know what’s going to be in store the next time you head to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Value Village!

Thrift Store Thursday!

Last week I introduced the idea of Thrift Store Thursday. This week, we dive into adventure!!! There are many thrift stores in our area – from the old school Sally Ann (Salvation Army), to Value Village, and all the way to your local Christian Thrift Store (which has turned out to be quite the goldmine of cool stuff!).

Here are this week’s SuperDuper finds of awesomeness! Bronze pirate – HERE I COME!!!

Horse Maiden
I call this the Horse Maiden. Clearly there is some kind of bestiality being alluded to with this statue. Why is her dress so low? Why is she caressing the horse like that? And why is the horse bucking so high??? Made of the finest resin.
Horse statue
Another fine piece of equine-themed statuary! Look at the action captured in this beautiful piece. LOOKS like bronze, but don’t be fooled – it’s resin, too. Geronimo!
creepy poodle
Say hello to the creepiest purple poodle statue I’ve ever seen! Just gaze into those adorable eyes and feel the chills of terror spill up and down your spine. If you take this bad boy home, beware – it may try and kill you in your sleep. This is the “Chuckie” of dog statues.
Not-Bronze Pirate
SO CLOSE!!! This is a Not-Bronze Pirate. Equally ugly, but not nearly as heavy as a bronze pirate. I do appreciate the colours used and the incredibly bored stare of the aforementioned pirate (who may or may not be just a simple sailor). I’ll have to keep looking!
This absolute gem is definitely something you’d find in a thrift store. But wait! This handsome devil (and two of his equally adorable friends) are family heirlooms of mine and will NOT be donated to the local thrift store, much to the chagrin of anyone and everyone who comes to the house. They’d be snapped up INSTANTLY! My precious cheetahs…

Throwback Thursday is so yesterday

Throwback Thursday #instagram

I’ve noticed over the past few months that there’s a new trend on Instagram – Throwback Thursdays. People post old pictures of themselves and apply super awesome hipster filters and frames to them for all to see. I posted one once. Why are old pictures always humiliating? In any case, This whole Throwback Thursday thing seemed like a lot of work. I’d have to hunt for old photos each week. Or maybe prepare ahead of time. Who has time for that? I decided to pour my energy into a much more fun Thursday activity – Thrift Store Thursday!

What is Thrift Store Thursday, you ask? Well, on Thursday – you head out to your local thrift store (or maybe two or three) and see what absolute gems you can find! From that crazy t-shirt to the weirdest coffee table book you’ve ever seen – thrift stores contain hours of entertainment. And if you happen to find anything hideous enough – why not give it a home? It all goes to charity, after all!

My personal goal is to find a bronze pirate. I know, it’s a longshot – but I know there’s one out there. So the hunt is on!

bronze pirates
Any of these bronze pirates would do to satisfy my goal! So many options!!!

I’ll be featuring Thrift Store Thursdays each week… until it gets old and boring… which could be one week, or many years! Thrift stores are a GOLD MINE for creepy and weird stuff that other people have gotten rid of for a reason.

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