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‘Tis the season! (Part 2)

In a previous post, a strand of Christmas lights went up. A suitable compromise between my girlfriend and I – I being of the Novmeber 1st decorating train of thought, and she being of the December somethingth train of thought. Last I left you, we had put up the lights, and were wondering if this small act of decorating would tide us over until our later-in-November-and-possibly-even-December slated Christmas decorating date.

The answer is NO. On Sunday, it happened. My lady came home from work around 2:30 and we had some time to kill before heading to a family dinner. Surprise, surprise – it wasn’t me that broke! I asked “What do you want to do?” and she replied (with no coaching, begging, or pleading from me) “Let’s put up the Christmas tree.”


With this decision came the great furniture shake-down. We had to make room in the living room for the tree – and decided to switch the large living room chair for a smaller one from the bedroom. This resulted in approximately 45 minutes of furniture re-arranging in the bedroom – and a completely new setup in there. Mission accomplished! With the living room appropriately cleared out, we happily began putting the tree up. The branches of the tree were carefully spread and we and settled it into place. Together, we wrapped the white garland around the tree and got things started. Soon, it was beautifully decorated with glass ornaments, silver bells, nut-crackers, and a few odd balls! Our white-themed tree turned out beautifully, topped by a white paper star! The only thing missing was Christmas music playing softly in the background, but I think that might have been pushing it…

Woodsy Christmas Ornament
A woodsy Christmas ornament. So cute!
Chubby little snowman
A chubby little snowman on skis! Old school glass with glitter!
Nutcracker soldier ornament
A classic-looking nutcracker soldier ornament. So handsome!
Modern wire Christmas ball
A modern wire Christmas ball, an amazing silver accent!
gold and white santa ornament
Another glass ornament. Santa in white and gold!
White owl ornament
To go with the white theme, we got a few glittery white owl ornaments!
glass horse ornament
Another glass ornament of a rocking horse with presents. Love the colours!

To finish things off, we hung up our stockings (and one for my girlfriend’s fantastic and bordering-on-famous sister) and lit some candles.

the stockings
The stockings were hung by the candles with care (we don’t have a chimney!)
The tree and the lights!
The tree and the lights! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… ♫♪♪♫♫

Now it feels like Christmas! I love decorating 🙂 On the way to family dinner, we stopped at Canadian Tire to grab two more strands of frosty lights for the balcony…

Weekly drawings: Featured Artist!!!

Welcome to this week’s art infusion. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Sandra Philpotts! Sandra is a very talented and creative artist that I have known for over 6 years. The mediums she uses are painting and drawing, but whatever way Sandra chooses to express herself the outcome is always amazing! I really like Sandra’s art, because her creative capacity is awesome – not to mention some of her stuff is a little crazy like mine!

Here, you will see five of her paintings – all with different moods and styles. Let me know what you think – and which is your favourite! Enjoy this week’s art!

This one was done with a pallet knife – amazing textures! Sort of like Picasso… It’s amazing! (and also my personal fave of the five!)
The tree! I love the colours in this one 🙂
This is just beautiful – It’s both inviting and has a kind of eerie air to it! Haunted?
I really enjoy the colours captured in the clouds and the very stark silhouettes of the trees.
The super bright yellow in this painting makes me happy 🙂

Skirmish of sketches!

Welcome to this week’s drawings post! For something different, we have a “Skirmish of sketches!” My good friend Sandra and I sat down and I challenged us to a sketch-off… Not to see who could draw better, but to see how similar or differently we would draw the SAME subject matter. Each of us took a turn thinking of a random object, announced it, and then we had one minute (timed!) to draw that object. Sitting side by side, our pencils scratching furiously, we found that a minute is a lot shorter than we thought 😉 Have a look at the results below!  Which is your favourite drawing pair?

I'm not sure why the frog is Stupid 😉 Look how cute they are!!!
Hot air balloon
Here are our drawings of "Hot Air Balloon" very similar but some distinct differences!
We each drew a dead tree! Both have interesting details 🙂
Light Bulb
Here are our light bulbs - notice that both are lit!
We both drew high heeled shoes. One has a foot, the other doesn't!
Our castles both have moats - but Sandra's has sharks and archers!!! High security 😉

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