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Random thoughts for a Monday

  1. The best gift you can give someone is an experience. 
  2. Love is most important thing.
  3. Standing in someone else’s shoes is a very difficult thing to do.
  4. Listening isn’t easy, but often that’s all that anyone needs you to do.
  5. Something as simple as a smile can completely change someone else’s day.
  6. Boundaries are important, and it often takes decades to figure out where you should put them.
  7. Enjoy as much of each day as you can. Even the sad, angry, and terrible moments are worth a lot.
  8. Perspective constantly changes… try to look at every situation from more than one standpoint.


My brain hurts. My face is hot. But I feel happy. Tired, but happy.  *knuckle cracks* [I gotta quit that…]

Yes, hot cheeks. They get all red, like I’m embarrassed – but really I’m as cool as a cucumber. I have weird reactions sometimes.

I had lots of smiles and laughs today – but also some serious frustration. I have some great people who help me keep an even keel – or just REALLY distract me well so I forget about my frustration. I’m not into religion, but I think I’m blessed to have all the friends I do have. They put me up in their houses, they listen to me when I’m sad or grouchy, they hang out with me, they give me smiles and laughs. I’m one lucky kid.

I wish I was lying on grass in the sun next to the ocean with a cool breeze blowing across me. I’d go swimming, floating, gliding, kicking, pulling, breathing, bobbing. I feel so free when I’m swimming – like I could swim forever.

Thanks universe, thanks life, thanks friends, thanks family – you’re the best!

Goodbye Left Brain

Gut instincts are definitely a plus. These inklings are usually right! Your intuition often tells you well before your senses – and before any in-depth experience. But why don’t we trust those feelings? Our EGO gets in the way and tells us that this ‘gut feeling’ can’t possibly be right – and that we really need to see for ourselves! Often, we don’t trust others either. Our gut tells us something, the people around us tell us the SAME thing… yet our ego says “I need to see for myself… I need to be right” and we LISTEN! Ego is often, but not always, the problem.

El Brain and El Ego

So how do I SQUASH my ego and listen to my gut, or those around me? I’m convinced that the ego is safely housed in the left side of my brain, along with that feeling of separateness from others, the environment, energy, the universe. If only I could turn off my left brain completely, and trust the energies around me. It’s definitely a scary idea – this leap of faith.

Recently, I have been learning to meditate. I believe that meditation is a way of turning of your left brain and experiencing the energies around you in an unfiltered way. I obviously need more practice, because I’m pretty much the same as I ever was – but it’s DIFFICULT to remove the programming that I have learned and experienced since birth. I do think it is possible, though.

I’d love to drive my ego out into the desert and drop it off so it can’t find its way back. I bet the ride home would be the most spectacular I’ve ever experienced!

In the spirit of turning off our left brains – I would love to share this video with you. It’s 18 minutes long, but COMPLETELY worth the watch. Not only is this lady an amazing speaker, but her experience may serve to enlighten us all – and give us hope that the left brain can be tamed and conquered – and with it, the EGO!

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