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More photo play with Instagram

I am loving this app. Eventually I’m sure it will wear off, but the effects still bring a twinkle to my eye. Here are some more shots I captured with Instagram this past week!

Instafist - Lo-fi!
Instafist – Lo-fi!
My keyboard has never looked so interesting
My keyboard has never looked so interesting
Woodgrain texture of awesomeness. Who knew laminate could be this interesting?
Spring has sprung!
Spring has sprung! Cute little new branch on a tree…
Saw this typewriter in Value Village. I was tempted to buy it, but opted for a photo instead.

Seasonal bliss/ramblings

As I was rollerblading this morning with my dog, I took time out to enjoy the warm morning weather and the nature that surrounds me all the time. The grass is growing again, the weeds are popping up like crazy, the birds are singing, and the smells and sights of the environment are changing.

Along with this bliss came some concern. The seasons are not what they used to be. I seem to remember there being a Spring and a Fall in there somewhere. Our seasons are vastly different from what I remember growing up. It seems that now Spring is a psychotic battle between freezing cold and blistering hot weather, peppered with angry storms and unpredictable weather. I definitely remember spring showers and storms – but I don’t remember having to wear so many layers to compensate for the hourly change in temperature. Maybe I just didn’t notice it until now – but I definitely think the weather is behaving oddly.

This makes me wonder about the poor plants! Obviously this has been a somewhat gradual change – temperature fluctuations, flash rain storms that flood neighbourhoods… but it still seems a little drastic. Perhaps the plants have been evolving over time to adapt to these weather changes – but that’s also got to affect all kinds of things, like bugs, birds, and animals. I’m sure they are all finding ways to adapt as well. But what does this actually mean? Is this adaptation a part of the natural course of things? Or should we actually be concerned?

For the past 20 or 30 years, we’ve been noticing these changes and fighting about whether global warming is actually real, and studying the effects of the changes in our environment and the weather. I definitely think the Earth is upset with us. Potentially, it will kick us off at some point and try to get back to *normal* But what I really think is that eventually the Earth will die (as a natural part of it’s life course) and that millions of years down the road, Earth and its inhabitants will become extinct… that is, unless we get into star trek mode and find some other inhabitable planets (highly likely at some point).

Yes, all of this was running through my head this morning on my rollerblade. It’s funny how the leaves of dandelions growing slightly higher than the freshly cut grass can give you some pause for thought…

At least it’s nice to be able to enjoy the things around me in my environment – including the thunder storms and dandelions 🙂 It’s nice to be here!

In honour of mummy’s day :)

Sadly, I only have three photos for you on this fine friday – BUT, I did have a little fun with one of them in honour of Mummy’s Day (Mother’s Day) which is this Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing and wonderful mothers out there!

Happy mummy's day!
This is a photo I took of myself in honour of Mummy's Day (Mother's Day) ❤
Spring has sprung
Spring has sprung, and the flowers are beginning to pop out everywhere. Even I could smell these beautiful purple flowers when I was outside last week - so it's no surprise that this big bee was flitting from flower to flower drinking all the sweet-smelling nectar!
Illegal casino photo
I was at the casino with some friends and took this photo (allegedly illegal) in one of the security mirrors. I thought it looked neat 🙂 Shortly after, we were told to put the camera away 😉

Too many hormones used in plant growing?

Photo day on a Wednesday! Enjoy these gems that I took this past week 🙂

Spring has sprung?
Took a photo of this tree on a hike. Things are trying desperately to grow in this cold spring weather. This guy is not having any luck... {CLICK TO ENLARGE}
Spring HAS sprung - pussywillows
Check out the cute pussy willows I found!
Under the bridge
Some beautiful light shining down between these overpasses under a bridge (downtown) {CLICK TO ENLARGE}
My strawberry has breasts
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I had to take a picture of this strawberry I ate for breakfast this morning... I wonder if this has anything to do with the hormones they use to grow fruit as large as they do 😉 {CLICK TO ENLARGE}

One hundred and one

101st post!I just realized that this is me one hundred and first post! Perhaps this is cause for some kind of celebration. Then again, maybe not 😉 It does surprise me (as always) how quickly time passes. I began this blog about 8 months ago, with no real intention or expectation that it was going to last this long. Sure, there have been missed posts along the way (heck, I’ve even missed a WEEK here or there), but all in all this blog has been going strong, and kept me motivated to continue churning out photographs, drawings, and ramblings. Hooray! Now on to today’s ramblings…

Spring is sneaking up on us. A few weeks ago I noticed that despite the negative temperatures, the sun was remarkably hot. This is a direct result of the earth’s axis shifting and bringing our hemisphere a little closer to the sun with each orbit. It’s a very subtle change, but I think subconsciously we all notice it. Just as we all seem to notice our hemisphere’s drift away from the sun: even though the days are still warm, the sun just feels colder. Three cheers for the earth’s axis and the shift towards the sun! I’m looking forward to warmer weather!

Earth's rotation and the sun
Earth's rotation and the sun. From

morning commuteSomething that makes me laugh on my morning commute is those drivers who insist on cutting in and out of traffic, speeding along, assuming that they are making good time as they “race” toward their destination. I find it humerous in a few different ways. One, they just look silly dipping in and out of traffic like that. Often, they aren’t really getting any further in reality, but I think they feel like they are getting further in their mind. Two, it always makes me laugh when someone speeds by me, cuts off a few people to get ahead, and then five minutes later, I’m passing them because their lane of traffic has stopped. All that effort gone to waste 😉 It’s just funny! Three, I find it infinitely hilarious to see the frustrated faces of race car commuters that are not making headway. I laugh when they smash their steering wheel with their hands.  I chuckle when the raise their hands in frustration and scream silently. I giggle when they slam on their brakes, narrowly missing an accident. It makes my commute that much more fun every day.

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