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Playing with my new toy

Recently, I got an iPhone. It’s basically a tiny, handheld computer. It does just about everything, except rub my back for me and make my meals. Along with all this fantasticness comes Instagram! I’ve been hearing about this app and seeing fun stuff that others are posting, and now I can join in the fun! Here are some of the first Instagram shots from my iPhone camera (which is actually better than the $300 point and shoot camera that I bought 4 years ago!)

Levi at sunrise
Is it really that hard to put it on the roll? You already got it this far...
Is it really that hard to put it on the roll? You already got it this far…
Morning tulips
Morning tulips
Creepy chicks
One of the neighbours has planted chicks and hens in old shoes and placed them on the fence around their yard. All at once, this visual is cute and creepy…

In honour of mummy’s day :)

Sadly, I only have three photos for you on this fine friday – BUT, I did have a little fun with one of them in honour of Mummy’s Day (Mother’s Day) which is this Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing and wonderful mothers out there!

Happy mummy's day!
This is a photo I took of myself in honour of Mummy's Day (Mother's Day) ❤
Spring has sprung
Spring has sprung, and the flowers are beginning to pop out everywhere. Even I could smell these beautiful purple flowers when I was outside last week - so it's no surprise that this big bee was flitting from flower to flower drinking all the sweet-smelling nectar!
Illegal casino photo
I was at the casino with some friends and took this photo (allegedly illegal) in one of the security mirrors. I thought it looked neat 🙂 Shortly after, we were told to put the camera away 😉

Photos from Paradise

Welcome to this week’s photo post! I have photos from the paradise of Aruba, and a few from the paradise that is my home! Most of the photos are of super fun flora, but I have included some landscapes and some interesting fauna that I met on my adventures! Don’t forget to click on the images to enlarge them and see more detail 🙂

Aruba bus signage
A sign on the bus in Aruba. If you look closely at the 4th symbol in the second row, you will notice that riding with your arms in the air is prohibited!
Wishing rocks on the coast of Aruba
Wishing rocks on the coast of Aruba - people who come here build a statue and make a wish...
Seaweed pod
A seaweed pod we found on the beach. It had a hard outer shell and was virtually hollow. Kinda looks like an alien egg!
Holes in the volcanic beach
Holes in the volcanic beach
Tidal spray
Tidal spray
Fernando the hermit crab
Meet Fernando the hermit crab! We found him (and hundreds of his brothers and sisters) chilling on the rocks!
Volcanic succulents
Volcanic succulents
Beautiful flowers found on a hike in Aruba
Beautiful flowers found on a hike in Aruba
The first bloom from my mini orchid - from my paradise at home!
The first bloom from my mini orchid - from the home Paradise!

Photo day – Week 7: the sum of my parts

Last week I cracked my molar and was trying to take a picture of the hole in the back of my mouth. I ended up fogging up the camera, and getting several pictures of my tongue. I got a couple interesting shots, though – and thus became the inspiration for this week’s photos! They are both intriguing and kind of gross at the same time. It’s sort of like looking at a horrible accident, you want to see what’s going on there, but are horrified by what you see, and find yourself unable to look away! I hope you enjoy this week’s pics – Oh, I added the last one for your sanity 🙂

Don’t forget to click the photos if you’d like to enlarge them and see more detail!

innards and teeth
Innards and teeth - trying to take a picture of my molar!
Red parts
Red parts - I took a picture of the inside of my mouth and the flash went off behind my other cheek resulting in this creepy red picture - UNTOUCHED!
body parts toes
Fingers, toes? Either way, they are hairy!
The pink/black hole
Cracks, crevices, curves and wrinkles in pink, and black... made by my hand
bleeding knee
My bleeding knee after a roller blading incident. I like the texture of my skin and the brightness of the blood
dew drops
I told you the last one was to save your sanity from all these gross photos! Some beautiful dew drops hanging delicately off the edge of a leaf early in the morning...

Photo Day: Week 1

Welcome to the first ever Photo Day on my blog! So every day I have been venturing out to take photos of.. whatever! I have sifted through them all and chosen 5 of my favourites 🙂 Comment, criticize, give tips, or just enjoy!

Click on the photos to see a larger version!

Some mushrooms in the front yard
Mushroom upskirt
This is what I like to call a mushroom upskirt!
so purple it hurts
A pretty fantastic purple...
overexposed flowers
I put the camera on Colour Select and then screwed up the settings by focusing on something dark so the aperture would be mega open
super closeup of yellow line
I laid the camera down and focused on the foreground, then moved it to get a REALLY long range of unfocused subject

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