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Long shadows and early nights

Fall is here. I’ve been out to take a few photos here and there, and these are the best of my collection so far. I kind of feel like hibernating. Not just sleeping a lot more… really hibernating. Maybe I’ll have a day or two where I eat food for hours at a time. I’ll bulk up with fat, and then curl up in a few warm comforters and fall asleep for 5 months. I can wake up sometime in April when the thaw is finished, and spring is here again! But then I’d miss a whole bunch of blog posts. Dilemma! While I decided, here are the latest and greatest photos:

Rusty fall texture
I really liked the texture of the paint on this power box. The rusty colour showing through was reflecting the colour of the leaves all around.
My crazy dog
A photo of my crazy dog zoning in on some squirrels. He is the same colour as a lot of the leaves. This is the season he camouflages well!
Super sunset
I liked the silhouettes created on this beautiful sunset and snapped a pic
Untouched sunrise
I had to be up ridiculously early for work and managed to catch this fiery sunrise. This photo is untouched! Crazy colours!
This is a picture of my dog waiting for me to say "OK" so that he can jump and get the stick. I like how he is just out of focus 🙂

Photo day: The lost week!

I had  a bunch of photos saved from week 14 (things got a little screwed up there) and completely forgot about them! So here are the long lost photos from about 2 weeks ago. I finally got to capture some proper tilt-shift images, as well as some interesting closeups. Don’t forget to CLICK ON THE IMAGES to enlarge them and get more detail!


cool double exposure
This is a photo I took while riding the train. It has a neat green colour to it (due to the coating on the windows) and you can clearly see my camera lens sort of 'double exposed' over the image.



I was able to capture some neat tilt-shift images that make the people of Toronto look like they are trapped in a model!



Another tilt shift that showcases a tiny model construction site... 🙂



A teeny tiny model train yard... created from the real thing! NEAT!



I managed to snap a pic of this really weird sunset. The sun was struggling to get through this interesting precipitation happening in the clouds!



I took a closeup photo of this huge sign to see if I could pick up the individual "pixels" in print. I ended up with this very interesting abstract pointilist photo!


Photo day: Week 12

Happy Friday!! In a few weeks, I have a special treat for you. I’m having a guest photographer on! Meet DeE, she’s funny, smart, fantastic, creative, and amazingly talented at photography 🙂 DeE takes pictures of just about anything – beautiful self-portraits, quirky pictures of her dog, stunning landscapes and storyscapes, and gorgeous foliage and flora to mention a few. Here is a small sample of some of the goodies you will find on her flickr account… You’ll see more here in the near future!

DeE Photographer phembot

This brings me to my photos from this week. I had some interesting encounters with Autumn!


Fall foliage
On a local hike, I had to stop and take a picture of the unbelievable colours in the fall foliage!



Rainy sunset
I captured some rain dropping out of the clouds creating a beautiful, misty sunset!



Fall foliage Red
A closeup of a leaf changing colours...



Cheltenham Badlands
A photo of the Cheltenham Badlands. Clay and limestone meet erosion and form these beautiful hills!



Lychee hull
I had to capture a picture of my lychee hull one night at dinner. I just love the texture and form of these little things!


Weekly drawings: Featured Artist!!!

Welcome to this week’s art infusion. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Sandra Philpotts! Sandra is a very talented and creative artist that I have known for over 6 years. The mediums she uses are painting and drawing, but whatever way Sandra chooses to express herself the outcome is always amazing! I really like Sandra’s art, because her creative capacity is awesome – not to mention some of her stuff is a little crazy like mine!

Here, you will see five of her paintings – all with different moods and styles. Let me know what you think – and which is your favourite! Enjoy this week’s art!

This one was done with a pallet knife – amazing textures! Sort of like Picasso… It’s amazing! (and also my personal fave of the five!)
The tree! I love the colours in this one 🙂
This is just beautiful – It’s both inviting and has a kind of eerie air to it! Haunted?
I really enjoy the colours captured in the clouds and the very stark silhouettes of the trees.
The super bright yellow in this painting makes me happy 🙂

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