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Throwback Thursday is so yesterday

Throwback Thursday #instagram

I’ve noticed over the past few months that there’s a new trend on Instagram – Throwback Thursdays. People post old pictures of themselves and apply super awesome hipster filters and frames to them for all to see. I posted one once. Why are old pictures always humiliating? In any case, This whole Throwback Thursday thing seemed like a lot of work. I’d have to hunt for old photos each week. Or maybe prepare ahead of time. Who has time for that? I decided to pour my energy into a much more fun Thursday activity – Thrift Store Thursday!

What is Thrift Store Thursday, you ask? Well, on Thursday – you head out to your local thrift store (or maybe two or three) and see what absolute gems you can find! From that crazy t-shirt to the weirdest coffee table book you’ve ever seen – thrift stores contain hours of entertainment. And if you happen to find anything hideous enough – why not give it a home? It all goes to charity, after all!

My personal goal is to find a bronze pirate. I know, it’s a longshot – but I know there’s one out there. So the hunt is on!

bronze pirates
Any of these bronze pirates would do to satisfy my goal! So many options!!!

I’ll be featuring Thrift Store Thursdays each week… until it gets old and boring… which could be one week, or many years! Thrift stores are a GOLD MINE for creepy and weird stuff that other people have gotten rid of for a reason.

Long lost photos

I’ve been at it again. That’s right, slacking 😉 Here are a pile of photos I’ve been hoarding for a while.

Summer Tea
Summer drinks on the balcony – lemon iced tea….
Celebrating anything by setting things on fire! I love sparklers!
Ants on cheese
Sometimes the neighbours throw things off their balconies onto the grass out back of our building. It makes it difficult when taking the dogs for a quick pee… especially when dodging ant-infested cheese!
Abandoned house
I liked the textures of this boarded up door in an abandoned house nearby…
tomatoes on the window sill
Squirrels like to eat my tomatoes, so I bring them in while they are still green to ripen on the window sill. I just love the colours!
rain storm
I was watching the rain one day and loved the interesting light patterns created on the pavement. Cool stuff!

I’ve been moving. I’ve been dawdling. I’ve been daydreaming. Finally, something new!

Where I used to live…


Dragonfly on my door frame
Just hanging out on the balcony and saw a dragonfly on my door frame.
Saturday morning lilacs
Saturday morning lilacs in the sun
toilet paper in the wind
Oh the poetic things you see… toilet paper dancing in the wind.

Photo Friday!

Well hello there! I’ve been instagramming again. I snap photos here and there and after a while I have a little collection of photos. It seems that using this app brings out a different beast in my creative side. Most of the instagram pics I snap seem to have a certain feel about them. Here are some more “gems!”  Warning: the last photo is a little racy… I left it to the end so that you’d have the choice to scroll that far or not 😉

Morning tulip
Photo of a tulip with morning dew on it. Pretty little guy.
I like that this picture ends up being about the texture of the road, and not the shadow…
I really liked the shape of the glass and the texture of the bubbles and the table…
weed garden
Weeds can be pretty sometimes…

WARNING: Scary Photo below!

flat mouse
Levi found this squashed mouse by the side of the road… Mouse pancake! Poor little thing.

More photo play with Instagram

I am loving this app. Eventually I’m sure it will wear off, but the effects still bring a twinkle to my eye. Here are some more shots I captured with Instagram this past week!

Instafist - Lo-fi!
Instafist – Lo-fi!
My keyboard has never looked so interesting
My keyboard has never looked so interesting
Woodgrain texture of awesomeness. Who knew laminate could be this interesting?
Spring has sprung!
Spring has sprung! Cute little new branch on a tree…
Saw this typewriter in Value Village. I was tempted to buy it, but opted for a photo instead.

Playing with my new toy

Recently, I got an iPhone. It’s basically a tiny, handheld computer. It does just about everything, except rub my back for me and make my meals. Along with all this fantasticness comes Instagram! I’ve been hearing about this app and seeing fun stuff that others are posting, and now I can join in the fun! Here are some of the first Instagram shots from my iPhone camera (which is actually better than the $300 point and shoot camera that I bought 4 years ago!)

Levi at sunrise
Is it really that hard to put it on the roll? You already got it this far...
Is it really that hard to put it on the roll? You already got it this far…
Morning tulips
Morning tulips
Creepy chicks
One of the neighbours has planted chicks and hens in old shoes and placed them on the fence around their yard. All at once, this visual is cute and creepy…

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