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The REAL tooth fairy story…

Here are this week’s drawings! I’m only one day late 🙂 For some reason, the stuff I drew this week was rather gruesome… oh well! Please enjoy – especially the tooth fairy 🙂 Don’t forget to CLICK to enlarge the images!

Pillow talk
OK, how creepy would it be if your pillows had conversations when you were gone (that means they have mouths, and teeth!) This what I imagined their conversation would be like 🙂
The REAL tooth fairy story
Our parents give us some twinkly magic version of the tooth fairy story when we are kids. This is the REAL one!
Toe nails
Toe nails – ’nuff said 😛


I have prepared some delicious drawings for this week’s post of artistic tasty-ness! I have sketched these in my sketchbook, and filled in the happy coloured-ness in Photoshop on my computer. It has been such a long time since I have posted drawings that I forgot how long it takes from start to finish! After some hard work with pen and paper, and then my trusty computer, I present to you this week’s meal of art!

Esmerelda the many toothed lady
Esmerelda the many toothed lady
Medication full of happiness
Medication full of happiness
Box Car
Box Car (This one reminds me of pretending when I was a kid)
Emotional Guidance System
Emotional Guidance System – your heart’s GPS
Tooth ferry
The tooth Ferry… Shipping teeth across the ocean since 828 A.D.

Photo day: Rewind!

Today is a rewind of some photos that I love that I don’t think I’ve posted here before. I was looking through all my photos from the last  six months and found some really awesome ones that I wanted to share 🙂 Click on them to enlarge and see details!

Fire graffiti from camping
Fire graffiti from camping
fire sparks from camping
fire sparks from camping
droplets on a leaf
droplets on a leaf - it looks as if this was taken at night, but I can't remember...
Levi puppy being cute
Levi's eyes sometimes go in opposite directions... he's cute though 🙂
cool angle - weird hair
I was playing with my hair and got this weird closeup of my eye. I like the composition and shapes 🙂
chopping pepperoni
Chopping pepperoni at Mike's place... best pizza ever!
inside of my mouth
This is a shot of the inside of my mouth - I was trying to take a photo of one of my molars (huge chip) and my hand got in front of the flash. This is the resulting "horror movie" photo
a page from my book
I snapped this one while reading... I remember it was a really nice day out!

Photo day – Week 7: the sum of my parts

Last week I cracked my molar and was trying to take a picture of the hole in the back of my mouth. I ended up fogging up the camera, and getting several pictures of my tongue. I got a couple interesting shots, though – and thus became the inspiration for this week’s photos! They are both intriguing and kind of gross at the same time. It’s sort of like looking at a horrible accident, you want to see what’s going on there, but are horrified by what you see, and find yourself unable to look away! I hope you enjoy this week’s pics – Oh, I added the last one for your sanity 🙂

Don’t forget to click the photos if you’d like to enlarge them and see more detail!

innards and teeth
Innards and teeth - trying to take a picture of my molar!
Red parts
Red parts - I took a picture of the inside of my mouth and the flash went off behind my other cheek resulting in this creepy red picture - UNTOUCHED!
body parts toes
Fingers, toes? Either way, they are hairy!
The pink/black hole
Cracks, crevices, curves and wrinkles in pink, and black... made by my hand
bleeding knee
My bleeding knee after a roller blading incident. I like the texture of my skin and the brightness of the blood
dew drops
I told you the last one was to save your sanity from all these gross photos! Some beautiful dew drops hanging delicately off the edge of a leaf early in the morning...

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