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Thrift Store Thursday!

Last week I introduced the idea of Thrift Store Thursday. This week, we dive into adventure!!! There are many thrift stores in our area – from the old school Sally Ann (Salvation Army), to Value Village, and all the way to your local Christian Thrift Store (which has turned out to be quite the goldmine of cool stuff!).

Here are this week’s SuperDuper finds of awesomeness! Bronze pirate – HERE I COME!!!

Horse Maiden
I call this the Horse Maiden. Clearly there is some kind of bestiality being alluded to with this statue. Why is her dress so low? Why is she caressing the horse like that? And why is the horse bucking so high??? Made of the finest resin.
Horse statue
Another fine piece of equine-themed statuary! Look at the action captured in this beautiful piece. LOOKS like bronze, but don’t be fooled – it’s resin, too. Geronimo!
creepy poodle
Say hello to the creepiest purple poodle statue I’ve ever seen! Just gaze into those adorable eyes and feel the chills of terror spill up and down your spine. If you take this bad boy home, beware – it may try and kill you in your sleep. This is the “Chuckie” of dog statues.
Not-Bronze Pirate
SO CLOSE!!! This is a Not-Bronze Pirate. Equally ugly, but not nearly as heavy as a bronze pirate. I do appreciate the colours used and the incredibly bored stare of the aforementioned pirate (who may or may not be just a simple sailor). I’ll have to keep looking!
This absolute gem is definitely something you’d find in a thrift store. But wait! This handsome devil (and two of his equally adorable friends) are family heirlooms of mine and will NOT be donated to the local thrift store, much to the chagrin of anyone and everyone who comes to the house. They’d be snapped up INSTANTLY! My precious cheetahs…

You are your own doppelganger!

I’ve always wanted to do an experiment like this. I was thinking, one day, about how the two sides of our face are vastly different. My thought was to take a photo of myself head-on, and mirror each side of the face to create TWO versions of me – the Mirror Left and the Mirror Right. So, this past week I did it! I (and a few brave volunteers) had our photos taken, chopped, and merged! Please find the shocking and creepy results below!

Original photo of me

My doppelgangers!

On the left, we have skinny me, and on the right, the Football player version of me!

Original of Sandra

Sandra’s doppelgangers!

Once again, we seem to have a skinny version and a Football player version…

Original of Andrea

Andrea’s doppelgangers!

The one on the left doesn’t look too bad. The one on the right, unfortunately, has no neck :S

Agent X’s original

Agent x’s doppelgangers!

Football version on the left, and skinny version on the right!

It seems to me that each of us has a FAT side to our face, and a skinny side. Also – one side appears to be more wrinkly than others. Upon discussion, we wondered if this was because we commonly sleep on one side more than the other, which causes more face wrinkles on that side.

Want to see your doppelganger? Send me a head-on photo of yourself!

Weekly drawings: it’s not tribal, it’s Su-Chi!

Ahh.. ok, so it’s been a busy week, weekend etc. It was a LONG weekend, so┬átheoretically, I should have had tons of time to get drawings done. Alas, I have only finished three. No excuse, I know. But I have included a BONUS! I have taken one of my drawings a step further and created a super fun computer generated character: Su Chi.

Here goes…..

Two headed doggie
A quick sketch of two-headed Levi from the creepy dream I had last week
Tribal tattoo gone wrong
I started out thinking I was going to draw a tribal tattoo inspired .. something. And - well - it's not tribal, but here it is!
Su Chi Original Character
I was typing to a friend across the internet and accidentally spelled Sushi "Suchi." The regular mockery ensued, leaving me inspired to draw Su-Chi (all you can eat) ­čśë
All you can eat Su Chi
Here she is in all her glory! Like I have on many occasions she has overdone "All you can eat." She comes adorned in special patterned pants and shirt! "All you can eat" Su-Chi! ┬ę 2010 Sami

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