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Photo day: Rewind!

Today is a rewind of some photos that I love that I don’t think I’ve posted here before. I was looking through all my photos from the last  six months and found some really awesome ones that I wanted to share 🙂 Click on them to enlarge and see details!

Fire graffiti from camping
Fire graffiti from camping
fire sparks from camping
fire sparks from camping
droplets on a leaf
droplets on a leaf - it looks as if this was taken at night, but I can't remember...
Levi puppy being cute
Levi's eyes sometimes go in opposite directions... he's cute though 🙂
cool angle - weird hair
I was playing with my hair and got this weird closeup of my eye. I like the composition and shapes 🙂
chopping pepperoni
Chopping pepperoni at Mike's place... best pizza ever!
inside of my mouth
This is a shot of the inside of my mouth - I was trying to take a photo of one of my molars (huge chip) and my hand got in front of the flash. This is the resulting "horror movie" photo
a page from my book
I snapped this one while reading... I remember it was a really nice day out!

Weekly drawings: OH… my…

Hello readers! I apologize for the two day hiatus.
Things have just been crazy busy and I have ideas running around in my head, but can’t seem to find ten minutes to sit down and post them on the blog. Weekly drawings are a day late too! Hope you don’t mind the delay – but I have five new and “interesting” drawings! You can click on them to see more detail, and don’t forget to let me know which one is your favourite, and why 🙂

I really do not have much of an explanation of this one. I suspect your expression will match this character’s as you gander at the oddity….
Your elephant is standing on my foot
My facebook status earlier this week was “Your elephant is standing on my foot” so I drew it 😉
Save the day
I was thinking about sayings we use daily – and how odd it would be if I was literal about it…
Ear wig
I saw an earwig on a plant and went about drawing a literal interpretation of the word.. sort of creepy!
Sorcery will get you NOWHERE!
I have no idea why this random group of words popped into my mind, but I felt compelled to draw

Weekly drawings: sunshine and creepiness

Here are this week’s finest! There are some weird ones this post, but then again – when is my stuff not weird? I’m sure you will enjoy them 🙂 The first one is inspired by some art I saw online somewhere… If I remembered where, I’d credit them for sure. But it’s not my original idea. The rest are straight from the depths of my .. uh .. ‘creative’ mind 😉 Let me know which one you like best!

Be sure to click the photos to see them in more detail 🙂

Patterned hair
This is the 'inspired by online art' drawing. Crazy patterned hair on a random face
cyclops kitten
Don't ask why, I have no idea - this is just what came out that day 🙂
I was thinking about how happy you make me, then I realized you don't.
Someone was saying to me how happy someone else made them - and it made me think of this statement, so I had to draw something to go along with it 🙂
You are my sunshine!
I think this is my favourite from this week. I was singing the "you are my sunshine" song in my head and wanted to draw a sun that looked the opposite of what that song means!! 🙂

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